Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Station 7 The Door discovers the location of Jacob's Cabin

Station 7 is proud to unveil video-graphic substantiation of Sgt. Draino and mr badd's saffari recent forray into the depths of the Island in search of Jacob's Cabin. Yes, our hardy adventurers did make it to the Cabin and have left to posterity this record of their exploration.
Once Sgt Draino and mr badd have re-surfaced from their expedition, Station 7 will host a powwow to dig deeply into the psyches of these intrepid pioneers and the mysteries they beheld. For now, all we have is this tape, broadcast live from during their expidition to a geosyncronous satellite synched to computational coordinates transmitted from the Lighthouse station.

The full magnitude and meaning of what it holds can only be guessed.