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Lost in Chronologically Order

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Lost in Order

Episode 4 (1974-1977)


We start Episode 004 with the final time flash that lands everyone in 1974, where they encounter the Dharma Initiative.  In between 1974 and our first glimpses of 1977, we see Sawyer around the time of his parents' death.  The episode concludes with Jack, Kate, and Hurley waking up on the island after taking Ajira 316 to get back to the island.

Theme number 1: James starts off the hero of the show and is happy!

In this episode James Ford is no longer Sawyer and starts a fresh path as the hero Jim LeFleur. He’s confident, courageous, selfless, and determined. Horace sees his potential, Alpert get’s stared down (eyeliner and all) and Alpert discovers that he’s not the only mystery in town. Jim inspires confidence, loyalty and love. He and Juliet are truly happy. Horrah!!!!

Theme number 2: James’s past shows how tragically sad his life is. How did he get from there to here?

The entry of Jacob at this pivotal moment in James life seems to lend a positive light on Jacob's actions. We see James at his lowest and Jacob setting him on a path to where we just saw him happy, in love and a very good man. But eventually we will see how this path led through tremendous self loathing and self hate as he becomes the object he sought to destroy. 

Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you. Friedrich Nietzsche

Theme number 3: James (Josh Hollaway) really delivers the snappy, snarky and witty lines.

Enjoyment factor

A big ole 10!!! Some of the strongest and most moving scenes from Season 5 (and Josh Holloway and Elizabeth Mitchell’s acting).
This is mostly season 5 content but the flashback to James’ childhood and the horrible death of his mom and dad still resonates and really fits in well dramatically and emotionally. It was amazing to see Jim go from the happiest he has ever been to the time when he was saddest, angriest and most lost. Forlorn, adrift in waves of anger and saddnes, and who shows up…Jacob. To help set him on a path to become Sawyer. But a path that also leads him to the Island where we just saw his transformation to a good man, a leader and a true hero.
I really enjoyed this and am looking forward to the childhood stories of other characters. I was afraid that technically they might not fit into the narrative but this bodes very well for other flashbacks to their youth. Jack’s early run ins with his dad and a bully could fit very well into his passive moments when Ben’s life hangs in the balance and speaking of Ben, Sayid’s killing of the chicken will be great with his shooting Ben. Can’t wait to see if they sync up in this way.

A photographic interlude:

Sexist Disclaimer:

Ok just because I think Elizabeth Mitchell is an extraordinarily beautiful woman, a fantastic actress and her role of Juliet Burke has a fantastic character arc, that in no way is a reason to display revealing screenshots of her bodacious body. That is absolutely correct. But I’m going to anyway cause I think she’s hot. Ok? Nuff said.

Juliet comes around after the last time shift

James takes charge "We're going to the Beach!"

OK a Beach Party is a pretty lame idea, I mean we drank up all the rum when the freighter blew up

The Island is still beautiful

Who are you people?

Trust Issues

Sorry Jim you're just not dharma material

Nice eyeliner Richard. Is that a nuclear bomb in your pants or are you just happy to see me?


Hey buddha, you wanna stay with me for awhile.

Now why in the world would I stay a minute longer on this crazy Island?

Just saying


This lady digs me

  Party Time! It's getting hot down in the Flame!  

No Hootanannies Allowed!

Horace is in a partying mood

He's having a blast!

Delivering babies is not my job! I'm a grease monkey not a doctor dammit!

Jim conveys his confidence in Juliet

Juliet finally succeeds in bringing a new life onto the Island

Happy Times for Jim & Juliet!!!

Yup Jim has absolutely forgotten his past, he's over it and its never coming back.

This is the best moment in Jim's life

The worst moment in James' life

Look who's back

You're late!