Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas to all Lost Fans!

Many Thanks to Station 7 - The Door and all the gang pushing the button, 
Sgt. Draino, Mrs. Draino, Methodic Jon, Brian, Michael, mr good, Locutus (of Bored),
and Tater.

P.S. Faraday please come home to the hatch for Christmas!

Special Thanks to:

Steve Ferrera of LOST MAPPING
Steve Ferrera (
SupercarGuy Fonts whose awesome Lost fonts made this christmas tree possible.
Check out his Lost and other fantastic fonts at:
Steve Ferrer thanks
ECDP (Ecological Community Development Project) logo was created by
Adam Jarrett, for the film "Lost - Off The Island" by Jeff Heimbuch.
You can see more by going to