Monday, January 26, 2015


Lost in Chronologically Order

Following the podcast of Anna and Wendy:

Lost in Order

With assistance from video cryptologists from Station 7, new video footage has been unearthed from the video codex of the chronologically lost episode 25, THE CRASH.

This footage unequivocally proves that Jacob was indeed ON Oceanic 815 when it crashed on the beach.

My thanks to Anna and Ms. Wendy for their wonderful podcast, without which this new footage would never have seen the light of day.

Bring on the Crash of Oceanic 815

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Lost in Chronologically Order

Following the podcast of Anna and Wendy:

Lost in Order

Episode 16 (2001)


This episode is all about the ladies.  We get a heavy dose of Juliet, as she works on getting her sister pregnant, sees her ex-husband get hit by a bus, takes a job with Mittelos Bioscience, and ends up on the island.  Meanwhile Kate is now on the run, and visits her father.  She then runs into Cassidy, who has discovered she's pregnant with Sawyer's child, and Cassidy helps Kate talk to her mom to find out why she turned Kate in.  We close out the episode in what I think is a pretty cool ending, after Juliet arrives on the island, we see Desmond, in his race around the world, get knocked unconscious on his boat, and rescued by a man in a yellow hazmat suit.  As he takes his helmet off, we get a quick glance at Inman's face before we go to LOST.  One of my favorite endings so far, to be able to have a nice suspenseful moment to work 

Theme 1: Juliet!

Juliet busted by her bastard ex-husband

Juliet has a worried mind 

Mitelos Bio Science, Richard's "cheesball" Powerpoint performance

My exhusband wouldn't let me go, not unless he got hit by a bus!
 Well Mittelos does support mass transit for a greener environment

Hey you need exact change to ride that bus!
 Any last thoughts? 

Guess that's my ride to Mittelos

We were just passing by the morgue, hello I'm a creepy bus driver.

Yes, we are that serious about you coming to work for us.
Don't know nothing about no bus schedule, but we can give you a lift, our submarine is parked out back.

Richard explains that to get to Portland, Juliet needs to be drugged and take a ride in submarine. That won't be a problem will it?

Juliet is a little thirsty

Wake up sleeping Juliet, your prince awaits.

 Your not in Kansas anymore!

Hello, I'm a creepy little, lying murderous weasel with an unhealthy obsession on you cause you look like my dead mom, welcome

Theme 2: Kate ' murder in her heart'

Kate meets Cassidy

 After a couple of drinks they get to know each other and 'Lucy' shares a secret and Kate is surprised at Cassidy's reaction.

Cassidy thinks Kate is a very, very badd girl for killing her dad and having the balls to try to see her mom.
Mistaken identity.

I'm just selling bibles man!
Kate come clean to Cassidy
yup, there's murder in that girl's heart
Hi Mom

What the?

Mom is a little upset.

Kate is surprised

Theme 3: Desmond's not taking very good care of Libby's Boat but meets a friend.

 Enjoyment Factor:
Still fighting this incredible anxiousness to see that darn plane crash and get started, but it has started and I'm very much enjoying how the different timeline scenes have been put together. Lots of good stuff happening here.
Lost in Chronologically Order

Following the podcast of Anna and Wendy:

Lost in Order

Episode 15 (2001)


In this episode, we see Desmond get himself a boat for a race around the world, and later he runs into Penny one last time before he gets to the island, and meets Jack in the stadium.  We also start our Jack/Sarah storyline.  Intertwined with that we have Shannon learning of her father's death and ultimately setting off to be on her own.  In the second half of the episode, Kate is arrested for the murder of her stepfather, and Sawyer pulls a long con on his girlfriend Cassidy.

Theme 1: Desmond's a bone head, but I guess the girls love the accent.

First, he screws up his relationship with Penny, then instead of picking up on Libby's pick up attempt, he fanagles a boat to run away on (to show that darn Widemore) instead of looking for a real life.

Then the moran throws away another chance with Penny who bothers to track him down ask why he didn't write (all he's gotta do is say, every day, your dad has them all!!!). 

What a jackass, prideful schmuck!

Why is he willing, or so consumed by his pathetic quest that he's willing to throw away the women he loves, who's right there in front of him practically begging for a reason to get back together.

This actually shows an uncanny resemblance to the 
that Roland, the last gunslinger, shows in his single minded obsession to find the Dark Tower.

"I have to get my honor back!"

Then of course is a great coincidence of meeting Jack, who just can't help competing with Desmond running the stairs.

Looks like Desmond can read and fix anybody else's girl problems

"And of course Jack doesn't believe in miracles.

"Good Luck Brother..See you in another life".

Theme 2: Jack saving his soon to be wife, Sarah show how great Lost was at creating dynamic scenes allowing good actors to shine.

And it doesn't hurt that Sarah (Julie Bowen) is way hot. Even the scenes with Shannon and Boone illustrate some good acting and direction. While I don't really connect to either Shannon nor Boone's storyline it's still good tv.

Theme 3: Why do beautiful women hook up with a holes!@?#@!

Sarah's fiance is the biggest d*ck wad and ranks right up their with the original Sawyer.

Theme 4: Jack gets some great scenes where he stands out as a hero (if a bit disfunctional)

Theme 5: Sawyer meets his match

Cassidy sees right through him

 Show me what you got?

Theme 6: Kate blows him up

Looks who here.

Too late for 2nd thoughts

I took care of you ma!

Enjoyment Factor:

I am really enjoying seeing everyone's 'back' story up front and all together. I thought I would see it as 'filler' or background but even as I eagerly await the airplane crashing on the Island, I am really loving the Lost story unfolding.