Saturday, May 29, 2010

LOST: THE END! That was awesome! Thank you Damon & Carlton!

Well I was blown away. A 10 in my book.

The finale of Lost made me laugh
(loved Hurley's Star Wars call outs and finding 'Chesty' Lapedius floating in the sea, "hey I'm a pilor remember",

and boy was I surprised; didn't see the Sideways reality as a cruicible for awakening the memories of our 'DEAD' Losties, and didn't see Rose and Bernard (although I should have, they were on the Island in 1977) and was

filled with awesome excitement, with the mamouth battle between Jack and F-Locke, with Jack bringing the flying fist of fury from the sky to combat the death dealing blade of John F-Locke, then to have Kate save F-Locke a bullet

and then I cried when Kate implored Jack to tell her that she would see him again. (Not the only emotional moment of the night). The montages of the Losties lives on the Island when they 'remembered' were amazing and struck straight to the heart. Jack's dying and eye closing, while expected chocked me up to and when Vincent came over and layed down next to Jack, my heart strings were broken.

(Blog update underway, more to come. Am planning an analysis of the individual struggles/hero quests that each Lostie that made it to the flash sideways underwent on the show and a more detailed photo montage breakdown. It's over but I think I need to go through the story once more before I can let go:-)

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wacked Out, Crazy Predictions for the Lost Finale!

Crazy Predictions:
Well the end of the Lost is upon us. And Lost has housed more mysteries than any single show before it. But it probably won't be the end of the mysteries. I think we will find that the mystery of Lost will remain. But here are a few of my wacked out crazy cracked pot theories that I hope might come to pass on this last and finale episode of LOST.

1.) Michael Giachinno will be conducting the Faraday Concert and Faraday will be playing the piano when the 2 realities 'cross over'.

2.) Kate will be the only survivor to get off the Island (with Vincent, ala "The Stand").

3.) Claire and Vincint will save Desmond from the Well. Vincent will lead her to the well.

4.) Miles will 'talk' to the dead Charles Widemore to find out his plans for Desmond.

5.) Ben is 'good'. It will come to pass that Ben will be revealed to have been 'playing' F-Locke in order to bring about his defeat. He will be instrumental in notifying Miles, who has the C4 in his pack, and who will find out what Desmond needs to do to defeat F-Locke.

6.) John Locke will fight and win control over his 'body' on the Island away from the Smoke Monster.
Remember episode "?" (2-21) when the Mr. Eko investigates the woman Charlotte Malkin as a miricle for the church. See 'drowned' in a cold river and during the autopsy she came back to life.

During the autopsy tapes playback, there are Whisperers but more importantly
Charlotte Malkin says "John!"..... "Let John Locke Go!"

7.) Claire will save Kate. Mirror reversal of why Kate came to the Island, and pay back for everyone forgetting about Claire. (Sorry Claire:-)

8.) Last Shot of Jack's Eye. And Last but not Least, the show will end focusing on Jack's Eye, just like the Pilot Opened.

And Finally, Thanks!
Thanks to all of the cast (whether they survivor or not) for their wonderful work to make Lost the incredible experience it has been.
Special Thanks to Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse & J.J. Abrams.

Thanks for the incredible journey, whether you love or hate the end, it's been glorious. Congratulations on seeing your dream come to fruition.

Stay Lost - mr badd signing off

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Why They Died? A few fleating theories and lots of pictures.

Why They Died?

Wow! Another Awesome episode. An "A" in my book. I really loved Michael Emerson's scene in Dharmaville, he notched up the creepy quotiant to 11. And lots of reveals (some accompanied by shocking action scenes).

The show opened on Jack's eye and with the bird song in the background I was really expecting him to be back on the Island in the bamboo grove. But he's home and it's almost as big a miricle as surviving a plane crash as a teenage boy makes breakfast.
And Jack's new found beautiful sister joins them at the breakfast table to a hearty bowl of "Super Bran"...Ummm that sounds...fibery.

Their breakfast gets interrupted by a call from Oceanic saying Dad's coffin has been found, but it turns out to be Desmond making crank calls.
We flash to the Island where Jack is tending to Kate's wound with a blunt looking needle/splinter and some thread from his socks. Kate bravely endures the mirror reversal of the pilot scene where she sewed up Jack's wound.
She speaks of Sun and Jin's death, their little girl and how they must kill Locke for what he's done. Jack shows a steely determination as he agrees.
James, and Hurley watch out over the floatsom that is washing upon the beach from the wreckage of the sub.
The grief of their friend's death weighs heavily upon them, especially James who blames himself for their deaths.
Flashsideways as John Locke arrives at school to continue substitute teaching. And who is there waiting for him? Desmond who is reving his engine waiting for a second go at Mr. Locke.
But Dr. Linus spots him and jumps in front of his car. He gives Desmond an earful and tells him he's making a citizen's arrest.
Desmond doesn't wait for the police and proceeds to 'explain' to Dr. Linus that he's there to help John "let go" and kindly helps Dr. Linus remember who he is.

And during Desmond's relentless pummelling of Dr. Linus (which gave Michael Emerson a real-life black eye), Ben has a flash of being beaten by Desmond after he shot Desmond and was threatening to shoot Penny.
Ben Linus is left dazed and confused as he tries to understand what has happened and what he has experienced.
We flash back to the Island and finally find Ben, Richard and Miles almost finished hiking to Dharmaville.
Miles gets all 'wonky' when he arrives at the barracks and they discover Ben's daughter's grave. Richard had buried her after they left. Ben considers Alex briefly and unemotionally moves on.

They arrive at Ben's house to get his stash of C4 which he has hidden in his secret room behind the bookshelf and not in a cookie jar. Miles asks what's behind the 'secreter' door and Ben tells him that's where he thought he summoned the monster, but know he realizes the monster was "summoning me".

They take all the C4 and are determined to blow the Ajira plane straight to hell.
When a noise startles them and they go out guns aready and find a Geologist, Zoe and who follows but Charles Widemore.
Ben is not overly happy to be reunited with his old friend.
Widemore doesn't even try to make peace. He just informs Ben that he's always been 3 steps ahead of him. And orders Zoe to ignore them and go get their equipment. He almost dares them to shoot her.
He angerily tells Ben that he's their only chance to survive. He says that Jacob showed him the error of his ways and directed him back to the Island. He's a real arrogant S.O.B. and I can see why they kicked him off the Island the first time. But if Widemore is so smart how come F-Locke found his bomb in 2 seconds (and grabbed a timer before he even saw it?) and he lost his sub and got most of his people killed. I don't think he is working with Jacob. He's out for himself and he wanted the candidates dead too. He wants to take over the Island.
Meanwhile Zoe interrupts on the walkie. MiB has also taken an outrigger and is hot on their heels. No time Zoe to get their luggage. It's time to run.
We flashsideways to the High School Infirmery where Ben, that's Dr. Ben Linus is getting some care. It looks like Ben's injuries are nearly identical in both realities. And when the nurse leaves he ponders his new memories and stares out into the mirror of his reflection.
John Locke finds Dr. Linus and is shocked at "The Incident" in the school parking lot. He is soon even more shocked what Ben tells him that the man who beat him up was the same man who ran him over with the car.
He begins to phone the police when Dr. Linus tells him that the man said he wasn't trying to kill him, but to help him 'let go'. And Dr. Linus believed him. (and you should believe him John, he is a doctor!)
Do you know what he was talking about Mr. Locke, cause I remembered something when he attacked me.
John puts away his phone and looks like he has come to a decision.
Desmond, meanwhile turns himself in to the LA cops and introduces himself to his new bunkmates. "And how are you doing today?"

Desmond looks very pleased with himself, even after Kate flips him the british bird.
We flash back to the Island where Jack gives comfort to James who blames himself for Sayid, Sun and Jin's deaths (What about Frank? Doesn't any body remember Frank? Not to mention Claire?). Jack reminds him that he had good reason to disbelieve him, cause he's been wrong before. But that it was Locke that killed them, not James.
James still bears the weight of their deaths as Hurley spots something in the forest.
It's young Jacob! But Kate can't see him.
Hurley looks about and is ..... surprised.
Jacob mugs Hurley and grabs his ashes. "Give me back those ashes you wippersnapper. You young dead people have no respect for your own ashes!"
Hurley pursues the youth (go get him Hurley...He's spry!) only to discover older Jacob. Both older and younger Jacob are wearing modern clothes. Looks like they been scrounging the wreckage.
Jacob says his his ashes are on the fire and when it goes out, you'll never see him again. He tells Hurley to get his friends, "We are nearing the end".
We see MiB arriving at the dock. He definitely smells the blood of an englishman (and a geologist).
F-Locke heads off and a confrontation is comming.
Zoe is panicking, Ben is resolutely awaiting his doom, Miles preaches the wisdom of flight, Widemore chooses a poor hiding place and Richard decides to talk to F-Locke, but F-Locke is way past talking and Richard has outlived his usefullness.

Ben gets the walkies from Charles and gives one to Miles "in case I need you" and the C4 in your backpack. He takes one last look at Zoe's cleavage and sets out to wait for F-Locke to find him.
Richard goes looking for trouble...and finds it. Miles wishes him good luck with that and splits into the jungle. The only smart one left. (Fly you fools!)
Richard walks out looking for F-Locke.

Ben hears smokie's approach. And so does Richard.
But Richard is to slow and here comes smokie!
He's taken like a hawk taking a bird in flight, and he soars, briefly.

Ben watches the immortal Richard fly to his doom and he sits down to await his own.
He doesn't have long to wait. F-Locke saunters over and sits down next to him and proceeds to trim his nails.

Ben offers John some lemonade. John says he wants something else. He wants Ben to kill some people in exchange for being left alive on the Island. I guess F-Locke didn't need Richard anymore. He has others left he can manipulate to do his bidding.

Ben agrees and gives up that Widemore is hiding in his closet.

Ben and John reach an 'understanding' and it's not looking good for Charles and Zoe. Ben makes a good act of turning evil again. But say it ain't so! I am sure that Ben is just scheming and playing for time and a chance to drive a stake into F-Locke's metaphorical black heart.
We flash sideways and find Alex is shocked to find Dr. Linus beaten and is determined to help Dr. Linus get home.
Ben resists but is smitten by Alex's mother, Danielle and he allows himself to be 'kidnapped'. Well it is Coco van nite!

Ben is smitten by Danielle, is overwhelmed with emotion at finding out that Alex thinks of him as a 'father'. And as Danielle promises to use less onion next time, he seems to remember something else.
Ben tears up at being a father figure to Alex.
And looks longingly at Danielle.
But the love in his eyes...
...subtlely shifts as other thoughts come back to him.
Back on the Island, Ben directs F-Locke to his closet and a shadow on Ben's door reminds us of the shadow plays that Ben has engaged in during his reign over the Island. Is he deviously playing F-Locke or has he been beaten down for the last time and has just knuckeled under to F-Locke yet again. In any case, it's not looking good for Charles and Zoe.

Doom enters Ben's closet for Charles and Zoe.
Zoe and Charles are trapped, like rats. Prayers won't help Zoe.
"Sorry Charles", Ben is none too sympathetic, but Widemore shows no fear. Zoe draws F-Locke's attention and she is commanded by Charles to remain silent.
And in a flash, fear and death fill the small confines of Ben's secret room.

F-Locke is stone cold in his calculations. If she won't talk she's pointless.
Widemore may not be afraid to die, but F-Locke speaks with him in order to motivate him to tell him what he wants to know.
F-Locke threatens to kill Charles's daughter, Penny and he folds like a house of cards.
Charles evidently doesn't want Ben to see him cry and gets F-Locke to send him to the other room and F-Locke tells Charles to whisper his secrets into his ear.
Charles starts to spill his guts to F-Locke when...
Ben shoots Charles 3 times. He doesn't get to save his daughter.
F-Locke flashes with anger but then settles for bemusement.
F-Locke finds Ben "never ceases to amaze me" as he cleans his knife.
Ben asks who else he wants killed.
F-Locke silently smiles.
Meanwhile elsewhere on the Island, Jack, Kate, James and Hurley arrive at Jacob's Fire for a final discussion before its ends. Jacob greets the Losties and Hurley starts to convey his words to them but they can see him too!

Kate is pissed and she's not letting Hurley keep her from finding out why their friends had to die. And what does it mean that their names were written on the wall of his cave?
(I think she's pissed that Jacob wrote her name on the wall. Maybe she's been getting messages in a bottle from the Island basketball team).
Jacobe tells Kate that one of them must choose to replace him before the fire dies or all of them and everyone they know will die.
We flash siedways to find John Locke trying to explain to Dr. Shephard why he now wants Jack to fix him.
John starts to explain the crazy confluence of events that have brought him to Jack's office.
John talks about the man who tried to kill him really just trying to get him to 'let go', just like what Dr. Shephard tried to do.
He says that maybe this is all happending for a reason.
John seems as excited talking to Dr. Shephard as he ever was on the Island. He seems to have found his destiny.
Jack tells him not to confuse coincidence with fate. (Thanks Dr. Eko!)
But John says, the bottom line is that he's ready to get out of this chair!
And that's good enough a reason for Jack! Let's get this surgery on the road, I've got a concert to go to!
Back on the Island, the Losties gather around the fire for a final pow wow with Jacob.

Hurley gets right to the point, "why are we here dude!"
Jacob fesses up to his mistake, in creating the monster who now threatens their lives and the lives of everyone they know.

James is pissed that their lives are all jacked up and their friends dead because of Jacob's mistake! James was doin just fine til Jacob dragged his ass to this rock.
Jacob gets a little preachy and tells the Losties that they are all flawed.

Jacob says that they were alone and broken before they got to the Island and that they need the Island as much as the Island needs them. In short Jacob says you are all like me. Kate asks why her name was crossed off and he says it was because you became a mother. I guess Jacob didn't want another boy to lose their mom like he and his brother did.

Jacob says that the monster will try and kill them all and everyone they know. They must do what he never could. Kill the monster.
But he is giving them something he never had...a choice. One of you must choose.
There's a moment of silence until Jack chooses his destiny.
Jack and Jacob walk off and James chimes in, "and I thought he had a god complex before", and gets remonstrated by Kate. Hurley is glad it's not him.
Jacob give Jack directions to the 'heart of the Island' that he will have to protect. Just pass the bamboo grove where he landed. Jacob places his hands in the water and quietly speaks some latin. He asks if Jake has a cup and he does. (Very similar to the grail quest. The grail 'appears' when it's needed just as the Island's protector does).
The torch and the water reminded me of the 1st season episode "Fire and Water".

Jack asks "how long will I have to do this job?" Jacob says "as long as you can."
Jack drinks.

Now you are like me, Jacob says.

We flash sideways to the prisoners being moved to the county lockup. Kate tries to charm her way out but to no avail and she flashes James a wicked, wicked smile.
Kate, Sayid and Desmond are on the short prison bus headed to county but Desmond looks down right cheery and offers them a proposition. If he can get them out, they must do what he asks of them.
It's a deal! And almost immediately the van comes to a halt.
Its our old friend Anna Lucia, who agress to let them go...for $125k which Hurley quickly provides.
Hurley greets Anna Lucia, who doesn't recognize him. She's not ready yet. Desmond takes Kate in Hurley's camero and Sayid heads off with Hurley. Desmond gives Kate a dress and tells her they are going to a concert.
We flash back to the Island and F-Locke is marching with Ben to the well where he left Desmond.
They find the well empty, but F-Locke insists someone has helped him by releasing Desmond. Ben questions F-Locke about Widemore's final words and he gets very serious. F-Locke relates to Ben that Desmond was Jacob's failsafe but that he is going to use him now to do what he never could do by himself...Destroy the Island and send it to the bottom of the sea.
Well I can't wait til Sunday, but part of me wishes it will never come so that it will never end. But end it will, so let's enjoy it while it lasts. I'll see you all on the other side of Lost.

take it easy it ain't all half-bad

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