Saturday, July 24, 2010

THE END - A Photographic Review - Part 13: Miles swears by duct tape, Lapidus doesn't have time to talk, James and Kate take the plunge while Detective Ford meets Juliet and sees the light..even when all else is dark!

Frank 'Chesty' Lapedius is in a rush and doesn't have time to chit chat with James. It's "get your asses over here pronto or we'll see you in the funny pages!"
Close up on the chest hair

Hey, I still got a ton of unused minutes, hang on awhile.

"Son of a bitch"!
They're not gonna hang around. No time to lose...they need to get to the boat NOW!!!
I guess we're swimming for it?
That's quite a drop.
Kate doesn't hesitate: "Geronimo Jackson!"

James is not to be outdone...It's head first for him.
Does he think he's on "Heros"? Look its a Hurley bird, no it's an Ajira plane, no it super Sawyer.

Kate and James have gotten off the Island.
Detective Ford is looking for someone to protect...he's got a whole that he needs to fill.

There's a vending machine straight ahead but be warned, it's guarded by a vicious beast!

Son of a bitch!
You're mine now!

Dr. Carlson gives James her 'servere' look. You're in trouble now Ford!
A cop, that's a likely story. I see a hint of a smile.
Wait you're pulling my leg. Ha, Ha, why don't you pull the other one, no the other one.

So, your candy is stuck, eh?
I know a trick or 2.
You can unplug it and then plug it back in and the candy will drop right into your hands.
What do you think of that?

James turns on that boyish charm.

James looks like Juliet has turned him into an impish boy.
One candy bar has brought our hero to his knees

Here it is.
Oh oh!
Juliet gets down and reaches into the belly of the beast to find that prize.
Juliet: "It worked!"
(so as she lay dying her last thoughts as read by Miles was her mind crossing over to another reality where she met James and remember their lives. So in a way "It worked" refers to James and Juliet's successful rebooting of the candy machine but really it means that all the Losties will find each other again!)

And with this inocent touch they reconnect with each other and their memories of their other lives...and remember.
Hey Blondie! (A happy moment and perhaps Juliet's best day...she saved Ethan's life and is deleriously happy in love)
Give me a week.

With a smile, she surrenders and is his for ever.

Juliet: we should get coffee.
James: But the machine took my dollar, I only have one.
Juliet: We could go dutch.

Juliet remembers their final moment which is everlasting.
James remembers it all.

The joy of those 3 years.

The beginning bliss of laughter and joy as they watch each other's backs.
Juliet has got James' back covered.
And is maddly in love with James.

But the dharma wheel turns and their bliss is interupted as their Lost companions return to the Island in 1977.
Juliet knows their time together is over. Not just Kate's return but fate has found them again, even in the dharmaville past and their futures are being inexhoribly drawn toward a conclusion mapped by Jacob.

James remembers the end, the anguish and sorrow.



Juliet: Kiss me James!
James: You got it Blondie!

At Last, together again...and James isn't going to let go of Juliet ever again.
Well, one more segment complete with 6 more to go til I reach THE END.

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