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10-Lost Ka'tet - Hanged Man Candidates

Spoiler Alert for The Dark Tower - Major plot elements and character destinies are revealed
Addendum to 9-Reading the Gunslinger's Fortune -- and Lost's Future
Roland the Gunslinger has his fortune told by MIB who hopes to manipulate the Gunslinger to bring about his downfall while advancing the evil plans of MIB's master, The Crimson King.
MIB: "These are Tarot cards, gunslinger.
Roland: "Read my fortune then".

The first card was turned. "The Hanged Man," the man in black said..."Yet here, in conjunction with nothing else, it signifies strength, not death. You, gunslinger are the Hanged Man, plodding ever onward toward your goal over the pits of Na'ar (Hell). You've already dropped one co-traveller into that pit, have you not?"

The Hanged Man
Roland Deshain, last Gunslinger.
Lost Candidates for the Hanged Man Fortune
Clearly one of the strongest leaders on the Island. Even though new, she has acted forcefully to gather together the survivors of F-Locke's rampage to keep a glimmer of hope and the light alive. Her forgiveness of Ben for the murder of Jacob is pivital to one of the most significant transformations on Lost. I thought Ben would have to throw himself into a volcano and save the world to be redeemed, but all it took for the show's most devious, deceitful, lying, and murderous character to find redemntion was one of the best scenes in 6 years of Lost. An acting tour de force of genuine, legitimate and sincere honesty. A tortured soul bearing their failure and darkness and asking their enemy, whom they have betrayed and injured, for forgiveness. And I thought there is a key moment when she asks Ben 'Why would you go to Locke' and Ben answers "Because no one else will have me!" Ilana responds "I'll have you". Mr Badd is sure that the phrase "no one will have me" is as signficant to Ilana as the phrase "you don't have what it takes" was to Jack. So Ilana is definitely a candidate in my book.

And there is still the mysterious variable 108 - Wallace. And if Ilana's name is "Ilana Wallace" - this is an anagram for "A Law Alliance". It may be cracked pot, but I LIKE IT!
And Dude, she's smokin hot and badd to the bone!

After being confronted by the knowledge that Jacob has been watching him his whole life, Jack found inspiration and took a 'leap of faith' to convince Richard Alpert that there was still a purpose to unfold on the Island.  Jack seems to have discovered his destiny, now all he needs is that purpose to be explained.
Jack: "Wanna light another stick?" And with that, the most mysterious figure on the Island next to Jacob and F-Locke/MIB is on the Jack bandwagon.

James Ford/Sawyer/Jim LeFluer 
James is the epitome of a man who has undergone transformation and atonement. He has turned his life around, found meaning, become a leader and then loses it all, again. His entire world, everything he knew and loved has been twice ripped from him.

His life lies in ruins, and no one (including him) knows where he will turn. His life mirrors very closely the ruined life of Roland the Gunslinger. The despair that besets him is what MIB hoped for Roland, in order to manipulate his grief and anger for the purposes of the Crimson King. How does F-Locke hope to use Sawyer's despair to his own ends? Only 8 more shows to find out.

Ben Linus
Ben Linus is one of the richest and most complex characters on Lost. Michael Emerson's emergence as the show's favorite villian and tortured soul added another layer of emotional and plot complexity as the stories of the 815 survivors unfolded in the first 2 seasons. He transformed a one off performance into what is possibly the best dramatic performance on a modern TV drama and one which is inestricable intertwined in the lives of the show's leading characters and the plot and mythology that have entangled them all. Thanks to a remarkable transformation and act of atonement he stands on the precipice of a new day.
and let's not forget he's the badest badd-ass on the Island! Just ask Keamy (whoops, he's dead in both dimensions), but he's kicked Sawyer's ass, killed John Locke, twice and he takes a beating better than anyone else on the Island.

What will the man who always has a plan do now that he is no longer acting for the Island, or is
he still, has his faith been rekindled by Ilana's compassion? What will Ben believe in now?

John Locke
see 3-The Gunslinger Revealed - a Review of John Locke, Destiny's Child or Fate's Fool
What can we say about John Locke. A man reborn on the Island, both physcially and emotionally. He has been a 'key' character with steadfast determination and faith that the crash of Oceanic 815 and the events on the Island were all moving to a larger purpose. He showed himself to be a man of faith, who was sorely tested. He wavered and fell, but never gave up. And when his faith called on him to make the ultimate sacrifice, he did not waver.
John Locke is dead. Long Live Locke! ... Be he dead or alive!

Just remember Ben's quote as Henry Gale from The Brothers Karamazov in "The Whole Truth", look to the surround text and John Locke's message reaches out from beyond his grave.

"And even though your light was shining, yet you see men were not saved by it, hold firm and doubt not the power of the heavenly light. Believe that if they were not saved, they will be saved hereafter. And if they are not saved hereafter, then their sons will be saved, for your light will not die even when you are dead. The righteous man departs, but his light remains. Men are always saved after the death of the deliverer. Men reject their prophets and slay them, but they love their martyrs and honour those whom they have slain. You are working for the whole, are acting for the future. "

My next posting will offer some examples of Lost characters who fill the bill for:
The Sailor, The Prisoner, The Lady of Shadows
"The Sailor! Note the clear brow, the hairless cheeks, the wounded eyes. He drowns, gunslinger, and no one throws out the line. The boy Jake."
The Prisoner
The third card was turned. A baboon stood grinningly astride a young man's shoulder. The young man's face was turned up, a grimace of stylized dread and horrow on his features. Looking more closely, the gunslinger saw the baboon held a whip. "The Prisoner," the man in black said..."A trifle upsetting, isn't he?"

The Lady of the Shadows
"The Lady of the Shadows," the man in black remarked. "Does she look two-faced to you, gunslinger? She is. Two faces at least. She broke the blue plate!"

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