Saturday, October 16, 2010

THE END - A Photographic review - Part 20: One final reunion and a final parting as on the Island, Jack watches his friends escape before he to is finally free of the Island

Jack passes through one more door and finds the gang is all here waiting for him.
Sayid and Shannon share a tender embrace.
Here is John Locke greeting Kate and James, with the picture of doubting Thomas behind him. And finally all his doubts and fears are behind him.
Jin greet Hurley and Libby
And Jack looks on at this joyful gathering of his friends.

On the Island, Jack pushes bloody step at a time toward his final destiny.
Jack will not give up while there is strength left in him.
While in the sideways, the gang spot the man they've all been waiting for.
Jack greets John Locke who speaks the only words of this scene...
LOCKE: We've been waiting for you.

On the Island, Jack stumbles through the bamboo forest.

Desmond and Penny greet Jack
Jack is unaware that he is passing passing the white tennis shoe that once belonged to his father's corpse, now worn and dirty after 3 years exposed to the weather.

While Shannon, Charlie and Claire gather around Aarron.

Jack embraces James.
And he sees Kate.

Jack is reunited with his lost love Kate.
While on the Island, Jack has reached the end of his endurance.

And Jack falls in the same spot where he first fell onto the Island.
While Jack and Kate sit down together in the church.
And while Jack and Kate sit and reuninite
On the Island Jack bleeds to death...
and looks to the sky.

Jack sees his friends fly to freedom.

Jack smiles on the Island. He has succeeded.

And in the church, Jack to smiles, he has remembered, and has let go.

Jack's eye closes.
The End

mr badd
Thank you Lost and thank you to all of the fans who have made the experience of Lost so much more than just the show (which was wonderous and excilerating). It was a joy sharing this experience with you.

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