Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Lost In Order Scarf - Just in time for Christmas

In Tribute to the amazing podcasting of
Anna and Ms. Wendy at:

badd art limited is proud to introduce:



Yes, this is the official, unauthorized Scarf designed and created by those famed Lost podcasters, Anna and Miss Wendy. They podcast from and let me tell you these gals are known far and wide in the Lost community for their unparalleled taste and unfailing haute couture. They are less well known for a shady bed and breakfast on the outskirts of Reno but I’m sure those lonely, ladies temporarily ensconced in that establishment would also look simply fabulous wearing the amazing Lost Scarf.

And now you too can possess THE AMAZING LOST SCARF.

Look dashing with your lost scarf billowing/undulating/ripple as the wind blows over the surf and through your flowing hair (sorry John).

The amazing Lost Scarf will make you look fabulous but that’s not all. It will set you apart from the hoi-paloi log carrying survivors as a person of taste and distinction. It will mark you as a candidate for the better things the Island can provide.

But that’s not all! It has endless practical applications.

Use it to make emergency repairs to your shelter, create a trip trap for scavengers looking to steal your stuff, tie up your friends and loved ones – they may dig it, tie up an other – they deserve it. Flag down passing ships and planes, confuse a smoke monster into mistaking you for a flag, keep your hands warm when you turn the frozen donkey wheel. Yes all these and many other uses are all yours when you too possess that most wondrous of objects..the amazing Lost Scarf.

The amazing Lost Scarf, all the sexy people on the island are wearing them…and nothing else. Take that Freckles!

Get yours TODAY before they’re gone…or turn the wheel and buy the very first one.

The amazing Lost Scarf, don’t mistake coincidence for fate, you ARE destined to buy one, NOW!

High Quality PDF, suitable for printing (14 x 48 inches)

Lost In Order Commercial by the fabulous Anna & Ms. Wendy
Their sensational podcast:

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