Saturday, September 11, 2010

THE END - A Photographic Review - Part 18: Kate brings Jack right to the thresehold but leaves him to walk his final road alone, while on the Island Jack awakens and staggers forward step by step to his destiny, and back in the sideways Jack struggles toward a different goal--or is it the same, he ascends the guarded tower of the church, step by step to find his father's coffin and comes face to face not only with mortality but also with the demon that has driven him every day of his life, his father's shadow has always drapped itself around Jack's life and soul, perhaps its time for a parting and a new beginning?

While on the Island Jack is mortally wounded, yet is still driven to struggle forward step by step, not giving up even at the end when he knows he faces his own death as his life blood seeps from his side with every step. Where does Jack think he's going to? He has succeeded. He was driven to return to the Island and has found his purpose. He vanquished MiB, saved the Island (and the world?), saved his friends (including Desmond) and now is on a path that can only end one final way--with his own death. But is death the end? Where has Jack's path in life truely led him?
Meanwhile in the flash sideways Jack is driving with a beautiful, mysterious woman who promises that if he comes with her, he will find meaning and understand all the strange events that are happening to him. Sounds like a great deal, but instead of a motel, Jack is lead to a church.
Jack looks over to Kate wondering what will happen next.

Kate asks Jack if he know's where he is?
KATE: Do you know where we are?
Quite the metaphysical question but Jack's focus is still stuck right in front of his nose ignoring all the memories that have flashed before his eyes.

JACK: This is where I was gonna have my father's funeral. He died, in Australia.

KATE: I'm sorry.

JACK: Why did you bring me here?

KATE: Because this is where you're gonna have your father's funeral...

Kate: ...You can go in around back.

JACK: Wait, where you going?

KATE: Inside. I'll be waiting for you there, once you're ready.
JACK: Ready for what?

KATE: To leave.

And as in the flash sideways Jack is on the pinnacle of awareness, likewise on the Island Jack awakens from his struggle to save the island and struggles onward, not consciously knowing where he is going but struggling to get there just the same. Jack's life has alway been such a struggle. What will happen when he finally lets go of the struggle and his mortal coil?

Back in the flash sideways we see stern and forboding figure of a guardian possed in warning to go no further.
But Jack walks past the guardian and the barriers around the church.
He scales the steps in search of...Does Jack even suspect what he will find?
Perhaps his destiny, perhaps awareness of what these strange memories mean and why he has such strong emotions and connections to strangers. Perhaps Jack will find understanding. And true understanding starts with self awareness. So Jack is likely to face his own personal demons, the same challenges he has been dealing with his whole life.
He opens the door to the mystical gateway of understanding, metaphorically represented by the main religious figures.

Jack sees icons and imagery from Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism and Taoism.

And then he turns and sees his father's coffin.
Jack has come full circle.
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