Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Last minute wacky predictions

Ok 30 minutes to go and I can't help myself, I've got some crazy theories and observations that must be told. I could stay quite and look smart but hey...

I'm feeling lucky!

Wacked out Predictions:

1.) I believe Joanne who drowned on day 1 is/was/will be Juliet. I think Juliet helped stage/arrange the crash of Oceanic 815, drugging the passengers with gas mixed in the O2 which is why Kate is the only one who remembers any of the decent; she couldn't reach her oxegyn at first because of the marshall's handcuffs.
1a.) Kate burned her passport photo and was or will be in or the secret.

2.) I believe Juliet caused Jack's appendicitis. I think he had a sneaking suspecion which is why he wanted Kate to hold a mirror up just long enough for him to see whether it was inflammed. Bernard is in on it too. He made a deal with Juliet and the Others in order for Rose and him to stay on the island (Even if they could hide from Jin, they couldn't stay undetected on the island from the Others for three years)
3.) A little bird, when he's not squarking "Hurley" says he's sure that Kate's real dad is David Reyes, motorcycles and leaving runs in the family.

Amazing Observations
  • Faraday wasn't the only one on the island with a Journal! Clarie had her diary (and is now ensconced in the bosom of her dear ole dead daddy; Ben had a journal and all those pieces of paper from Jacob (maybe hidden safely away in a box like the one he was hiding in the hotel he and Jack were sharing; And let's not forget all those log books spit out off the Pearl, maybe one of them held something important.
  • In the other 48 days we see 3 Tailees get island knapped the first nite but in A Tail of Two Cities Ben says he wants lists in 3 days? Is there another faction on the island or is this yet another detail that doesn't fit.
  • In the Incident, Iowa Cattleman Sticker on pickup tailgate--Anagram for: A Twin Coma Tale
  • Ames Central--Anagram for: Eternal Scam

 Illustions, Illustions, I don't need no stinking illustions, don't need no clones or time travelling traffic cops with their fancy badges. Everything and everybody on the island is real and alive. And the people are, who they appear to be. Yemi is always Yemi even when he doesn't recognize his brother; Christian is always Christian whether he's whering a black suit luring his son to his doom off a cliff or a blue suit leading him to water; and Locke is always Locke, even when he's dead on the beach and directing Ben to bring about Jacob's demise. Everything can be explained with alternative realities. The Yemi who doesn't recognize Eco is the Yemi who shot the old man and went with the thugs,and never saw his brother again. It was that Yemi who became the warlord who got the herorin and crashed on the island with it. Charlie is alive and talking to Hurley and yet he is also the Charlie who died. Because someone went and changed history so he didn't die. I believe what is occuring on Lost is the same kind of reality jumping, changing of timelines and merging of character consciousnesses across realities that occurred in the Dark Tower.  In Stephen King's Dark Tower world there were multiple realities that could be accessed and events and people could be changed through the interactions of others into that reality. But there was a Prime reality which could not be changed and where events were final. This was the reality (!Spoiler Warning for Dark Tower!) where the "Rose", the unity of all creative enrgy existed, and it was here where one special story teller with a direct line to that creative energy created characters and a story which was born into the world of the Dark Tower. Here events could be changed so that they never existed, but some of the characters involved remembered both realities. Indeed, after certain changes, the characters begin to go mad because they are alive and in the wrong reality. (Suspicously like Jack with the beard going crazy on drugs and pills, or Ben crying out to Juliet "YOU ARE MINE!!!", or Locke losing it in the Hatch. In the Dark Tower characters with special insight or abilities are able to help create the doorways to different realities. One of the characters drawn to Roland the Gunslinger, a drugged out heroin addict named Eddie even whittles a key that is able to open one of these reality doors. Perhaps someone has also fashioned a tapestry of interwoven realities. Perhaps his nehmesis is also able to affect the interaction of realities. But unlike the metaphor of Stephen King in the Dark Tower, Lost will have a song to connect us to the creative origins of the island. One musician programmed the key to the communications on the Looking Glass station, and it will be a musician who holds the Keys to Lost's Mysteries.

Some on the island will act from fear and others will follow their bliss,

But the only thing for sure is that choices will be made, and there will be consequences, some will be found and others Lost.

Times Up, got a bunch more crazy ideas but I'll have to save them for later
take it easy
it all aint half badd
mr badd

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