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Season Premiere "The Smoke Monster" Revealed!!!

Wow! the Season 6 premiere hit me like a ton of bricks. I'll have to say I was initially a little shocked and dismayed (in addition to awed). I think I saw Juliet blow up the bomb and die just one too many times,

and then getting hit with all the 'new' characters in the Temple and the whole new Flash Sideways was a bit of a shock. I thought there was a lot of exposition to support all the new mysteries and questions and while I thought Damon and Carlton provided more 'answers' in this episode then any other, they sure did give us lots more to think about. But, heck it's the last season so I am all for embracing anything on the show that continues to inspire me to think about Lost and it was a great episode. I rewatched it twice, the second time as part of a marathon 24 hour rewatch marathon of season 5 and the premire with some friends who we recently hooked on lost (they went through all 5 seasons in under 5 weeks.)
Today's blog is mostly just random ramblings, hope you enjoy.

Just some things I absolutely loved:

1.) Discovering that the walking and talking John Locke (Fake Locke = F-Locke) is in fact the smoke monster. Can't wait to find out more! His sit down talk with Ben after he evicerates Jacob's bodyguards was awesome. Another amazing acting performance by Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson.
Very chilling when F-Locke converses with Ben on John Locke's last moments as Ben kills him. (I don't understand!) And finding out that F-Locke 'wants to go home'. Where is home and what will he have to do to get there?!?

2.) F-Locke confronting Richard Alpert, saying "it's good to see you out of those chains"
Richard: "You!", F-Locke "Me" and then a smackdown on Richard's ass followed by a scoulding to all the others as he carries Richard past John Locke's corpse. (Is F-Locke referring to some older meeting, maybe the Black Rock slave ship, or was he just referring to Richard's new found freedome from his service to Jacob? And why is he disappointed with everyone? Because they didn't defend Richard?)
3.) Fade in from Lost White out after explosion to Jack's window seat view of the clouds on Oceanic 815 (? is it the same flight 815?, is it the same date of the crash? 2004 or 2010?)
Season 6
Season 1
4.) Hurley talking to dead Jacob and then informing the high and mighty Others that he is dead "What you didn't know?)
5.) Regaining the real John Locke in the Flash Sideways! Hurrah! Here's hoping he get's his legs fixed and finds Helen. He's even made up with Boone.
6.) Ben 'meeting John Locke after killing Jacob.
6.) "Lost Final Chapter", one of the best clip shows ever. Very moving and informative and lead you right into the premiere both emotionally and informattionally.
7.) Best moment was John Locke and Jack Shepard meeting in the Oceanic Lost and Found. John consoling Jack saying "How could they know where he is. They didn't lose your father they just lost his body...Either way your story beats the hell out of mine." And Jack offering a free consult and what must be his motto "Nothing is irreversible"  (John and Jack's meeting is awefully coincidental, almost as coincidental as Jack coming to an Island whose leader "Ben" had a life threatening spinal condition?)
Best questions yet to be answered:
1.) Did John Locke really go on his walk about?
2.) How did Jack get that cut on his neck? (Looks very similar to the gunshot wound Faraday got when they battled Radzinsky at the O.K. Garrage)
3. )Who is F-Locke?
4.) Where is F-Locke's home and what does he have to do, to get there?
5.) Who is speaking when Sayid appears to 'awaken' and says "What Happenned?". Sounds awefully like Naveen Andrews and not Sayid.
6.) Jacob can die, but can F-Locke?
7.) Did it really work? And what actually worked?
8.) How did the Island sink without the buildings on it being destroyed? Was it a floating Island and when Juliet set of the bomb, did it let out all the air out of the ballons holding it up?
Most disappointing 'answers':
1.) An ankh in the guitar case (brought thousands of miles and across time itself) that the Japannese Karate Kid promptly breaks to discover a note from Jacob. Hasn't Jacob ever heard of envelopes?
(Awefully familiar to Hugo taking a census with the plane's manefist to see who belongs here?)

2.) Ben really is an evil, self-serving, lying son of a bitch (duh!)
3.) The Temple Others like knocking people unconcious just like the other Others, and seem just as impatient, self important, arrogant and trigger happy.
4.) The marshal falls for the ole 'gotta go to the bathroom, gets his ass kicked by a handcuffed girl' trick

Small observations
1.) Desmond is wearing a wedding ring (Did he marry Ruth?)
2.) Sun and Jin are not wearing wedding rings?
3.) Rose, Desmond, Charlie, seem to know something and Jack just can't remember something. Rose tells Jack the same lines of reassurance that Jack gave Rose initially. Also, Rose tells Jack "you can let go now" after the turbulence. (If only! Can Jack finally let go?!?)

Charlie sarcasticly says "terrific" after Jack saves his life. CHARLIE: Am I alive?
JACK: Yeah, you're alive.
CHARLIE: [sighs] ...terrific.
and he also says "terrific" in the Series Opener when, on the first nite after the crash the Smoke Monster is knocking down trees and making a hullaballou. Does Charlie know why he was supposed to die? And is it as bad as the smoke monster?
4.) Observation from Lost Pilot (part 1) During the scene when Charlie says "terrific", the trees in the jungle are being knocked down from different parts of the jungle and loud (smoke monster) noises are heard from completely different directions. (Maybe there were 2 smoke monsters, one battling to keep the other away from the site of the crash)
5.) Sayid no longer sounds like the character Sayid, he sounds like Naveen Andrews the actor (look out 4th wall!) "WHAT HAPPENED!"
6.) F-Locke's dialog to Jacob's 'bodyguards' sounds an aweful lot like Ben telling Kate and Sayid after they help Richard Alpert bushwack the freighter mercenairies; "you are free to go" as if they had been 'bound' to the island by some action or choice but are now released.
7.) the old Sawyer may be evil but he's a hoot (just ask Amelia Earhart)

8.) Boone is still dumb as a rock. He's very impressed by John Locke's knowledge of ocean water landings (HE's READING THE SAFETY MANUAL ABOUT OCEAN LANDINGS! DUH)
9.) Charlie's Drive Shaft Ring looks different? (or at least cleaner)
Season 1

Season 6

10.) Charlie's Drive Shaft Ring (originally owned by Dexter Stratton, Charlie's great-grandfather) looks an awful lot like the Symbol of Chaos ( created by British fantasy novelist Michael Moorcock, whose common theme in his work was a struggle between law and chaos, rather than good and evil. Many of Moorcock's themes seem to have been inspired by the myths, legends, and cosmology of India.
Moorcock's Eternal Champion series has many similarities with Lost.
"The Multiverse, which consists of several universes, many layered dimensions, spheres, and alternate worlds, is the place where the eternal struggle between Law and Chaos, the two main forces of Moorcock's worlds, takes place. In all these dimensions and worlds, these forces constantly war for supremacy. But the victory of either Law or Chaos would be disastrous for mankind, and therefore the Balance needed is a neutral balance. The Eternal Champion, a Hero who exists in all dimensions, times and worlds, is the one who is chosen by fate to fight for the Balance; however, he often does not know of his role, or, even worse, he struggles against it, never to succeed.

            Symbol of Chaos

Best theory that's not mine
Great theory by Mark E aired on the Transmission (1:42 in 6-1 podcast) about the loophole and the importance of Sayid. It goes that Jacob and Man In Black can't kill each other but what about self-inflicted wounds. Only Jacob could kill Jacob and only the leader of the others could meet with him, so the loop hole was Ben getting shot and infused with the Jacob blessed waters ('becomming' in part Jacob) and now capable of killing Jacob. If Jacob and F-Locke are similar, bullets don't seem to work and when you attack him he is able to take on a monsterous form of enourmous power. So Sayid, since the healing pool appears to be 'polluted' with F-Locke/Man In Black's essense may be infused with the essense of the Man In Black and now has the ability to kill F-Locke! Now that's a pretty good theory.

Theories about Flash Sideways:

1.) Ryan and Jen from the Transmission have put forth a Donnie Darko like unstable split reality. The flash sideways would represent a split in reality that is unstable, like a tear in a tapestry that is unravelling and needs to be reknit before it all comes apart. They had proposed this some time ago and while I didn't hear them talk about it in their first podcast (I'm sure they are swamped, what with the premiere party and their activities hosting Lost sightseeing events for the many Lost fans who travelled to Hawaii) I'm sure they will be talking about it shortly. Damn they live exciting Hawaii (an official to god paradise, where the greatest tv show ever just happens to be filmed!!!) Now that's the way you do it!

2.) Dark Tower like alternative reality changing event. When characters, whose lifes were changed by moving from one reality or universe to another, have those events 'undone', they become increasingly unstable and mentally imbalanced until they are reunited in the reality/universe they originally moved to.

In the Dark Tower, this occured when Roland the gunslinger prevents the death of Jake by a serial killer (The Pusher). In the initial timeline, this murder was used by the Man in Black to transport Jake into Roland's world and where Roland sacrifices Jake in pursuit of the Man in Black.

BUT, after these events, Roland enters Jake's reality BEFORE Jake is killed and transported to Roland's world. Roland kills the Pusher BEFORE he kills Jake, so Jake never enters Roland's world and Roland never sacrifices him.

BUT, Roland and Jake remember the events which now, have never transpired and they both develop a type of debilitating psychosis (mabe similar to what Jack experienced in season 4 off the Island). They don't get 'healed' until Jake is brought through a doorway between realities into Roland's world. So maybe one of the flash sideways (or one of the timelines previous to season 6 represents some course of events that will get 'undone' causing character psychosis until they come back to the reality where they originally went. A little confusing and overly complex but my personal favorite.

3.) That the flash sideways of the Oceanic 815 flight is in fact events that have yet to happen (or have already happened). Perhaps part of a chain of events that will eventually lead to Juliet and James grabbing a cup of coffee ("We can get coffee some time... We can go dutch") referenced by Juliet as she lay dying in the Swan Hatch. Juliet seems to have a Desmond like consciousness jump to the future and then dies as she tells James she has something very important to tell him. Miles later says she wanted to say "It worked". This could bode well for currently dead characters like Charlotte who also had a time shifting consciousness jumps to her childhood ('not supposed to have chocholate before dinner') and possible future ('Oh, oh turn it up! I love Geronimo Jackson.' and 'You know what my mum would say about you marrying an American.').

Just got some great news, another snow day in DC as we continue to excavate from the big snowfall over the weekend. Time to listen to a couple more blogs and ponder a theory or two.
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