Saturday, February 27, 2010

C-Lighthouse - The Devil's in the Details, 'or how I learned to stop worrying and love my compulsion for anagrams"

Great episode, creepy axe crazy Claire (and skeletor, her youngest  little cherub), a mystical Lighthouse, Hurley takes charge and sends Dogen packing, and Jack gets a son! Excellent.

I have so far controlled my compulsive obsession with anagrams in this blog, but this episode just knocked by anagram blinders off. David Shephard's Room was full of crazy ass posters with mysterious (read CRAZY) meanings.
First off, does anyone remember "MEAT COAT" (now that's a name for a band that you won't soon forget--try as you might). MEAT COAT was the band mentioned by Charlie, in 'The Moth' when he was trying to convince his brother to reunite Drive Shaft. He had gotten a contract to open for 'Meat Coat'.

And it appears that David Shephard had seen 'Meat Coat' on Dec. 19 (2003, because it was a Friday we can tell the year). Dec. 19 just happens to be Ben Linus' birthday, so I can understand why David Shephard was celebrating with the musical stylings of 'Meat Coat', and it was also the day that Ben took John Locke to Jacob's Cabin when John first heard 'Jacob' call for help. Dec. 19 is also the aniversary of  The Purge of the Dharma Initiative.
I am currently working on some crazy anagrams for this poster (Live=Evil, Electric= e.t. circle, Raw=war, Meat Coat =att. cameo) but haven't quite finalized it yet (Reward Eclectic Evil at Comet Day Fair) (Comet Day Fair at Arctic Deceiver Well) (lots of other possibilities though (claimed, framed, atrocity, twice deceiver, artefact, facade)

One more point about David Shepard's Meat Coat poster. On the Island the name "Shepard" is associated with 23 in the Lighthouse and the cave. But which Shepard is the notation referring to? Jack, Christian or David? The Meat Coat poster has a upside down guitar at an angle that appears to my little eye to be just about 23 degrees?!?!
I always thought a particularly relevant quotation of "Brothers Karamazov" by Ben in "The Whole Truth" helped reveal a large theme in Lost. "And even though your light was shining, yet you see men were not saved by it, hold firm and doubt not the power of the heavenly light. Believe that if they were not saved, they will be saved hereafter. And if they are not saved hereafter, then their sons will be saved, for your light will not die even when you are dead. The righteous man departs, but his light remains. Men are always saved after the death of the deliverer. Men reject their prophets and slay them, but they love their martyrs and honour those whom they have slain. You are working for the whole, are acting for the future. "
It very well might be that the actions of the Losties, who have travelled through time (and perhaps dimensions) and have had others travel in time to affect (or manipulate) their lives to mold them to become the people they are, and to bring them to the Island might be building to a culmination that may be completed by their Children. Perhaps the uniquely detached references to "Geronimo Jackson" might actually refer to Jack's SON.
Crazy anagram for "Geronimo Jackson" is "Jack, go sin no more", or in other words, "Dad, stop being such a f*ck up!" (Now that's more like something a teenage boy might relate to his daddy.)

David is a muscian (both piano and guitar) and there was a guitar or basilet in the Cave of Numbers and the Island seems to have very strong musical underpinnings.

And just one more bit of minutia.
And just why am I trying to work "Comet" into this anagram possibilities for the Meat Coat poster? Well, its because of the poster just to the right of Meat Coat'.
M. Gold. No anagrams yet, just M = latin for 1000
Gold's chemical symbol is AU, so
1000 AU which might stand for 1000 Astronomical Units (1 au = the distance from the Earth to the Sun) which would be a distance from our solar system where comets are the only common astronomical bodies. And hey it looked awfully cold and icy down in the donkey wheel? Maybe the worm hole connects the Island to a cold, ice and stoney Comet, 1000 au from the Earth?

Maybe the place MIB/Flocke has been trapped for so long in, is in fact very far away and he has only been projecting himself through a worm hole tunnel (like the one that runs from the orchid to the donkey wheel chamber) back on the island in order to bring about his release?

Will have another post soon, so if you have another anagram you want to share or just some crazy thoughts, drop me a comment or an e-mail at I will guarantee to send you a response (just can't guarantee it will make any sense).

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  1. More anagrams!!!
    Desmond Hume = "He's Demon mud"
    a tool fo the darkside!!!
    you saw it hear first
    please drop off a comment with your own anagrams or drop me a line at

  2. even more anagrams:
    live in concert m gold =
    "Clever Con, I Mint gold"

  3. The Anagrams won't stop coming.
    Anthony Cooper = one phony actor

  4. The anagram energizer won't stop.
    Ilana Wallace (speculating that ilana is a candidate)
    = A law alliance
    makes kinda sense if MIB/F-Locke is chaos.