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Lost in Chronologically Order

Following the podcast of Anna and Wendy:

Lost in Order

Episode 14 (2001)


We stay in 2001 for Episode 014, and learn about a whole host of characters.  First up we pick up where we left off with Locke in the hospital following his fall.

Then we see more of Charlie's story, as he gets Liam's Driveshaft ring, starts following his brother's ways with illegal substances, is there when Liam isn't for the birth of Liam's daughter, tries to get he and his brother back into the business of making music, and is abandoned by Liam when he moves with his family to Australia to try and get over his addiction.  Elsewhere, Sayid is identified, and held captive by the husband of a woman he once tortured when he worked for the Republican Guard in Iraq.  And we also see Jin running an errand, trying to find a gift for a diplomat from his new employer, Mr. Paik.  Finally we have Hurley in a mental institution, and we learn all about his imaginary friend Dave, with a brief appearance by Libby, who was also in the institution.

Theme 1: Happy people don't take Heroin.

Drive Shaft hits rock bottom (53 takes for a diaper commercial!!@?). Liam's self absorption and self destructive behavior pushes Charlie down the same path. He does acknowledge his failure (both as a father and brother) by giving Charlie the family ring. But then chooses himself over Charlie and pawns the piano to escape to Australia.

Theme 2: Hurley and Dave make their appearance.

Dave: "its taco night, let's blow this popstand". We here the source of Hurley's knowledge of the numbers and we see Hurley triumph over his self hatred by ditching Dave in a "One flew over the cookoo's nest" moment.

Theme 3: Sayid gets what's coming to him but survives out of an act of kindness (which probably hurts him more than all the beatings).

Sayid would have surely embraced death quicker than the forgiveness he found. And it was the trial of dealing with this forgiveness that kept a glimmer of Sayid's soul alive.

Enjoyment Factor:

Hurley and Charlie's story really worked for me. I thought the scene of Jin running around to get the Panda was weak. It really relies on not being spoiled and even more so, needed the ambiguity of Sun and Jin's presence on or off the Island for tension. Here it's just a little comic relief.

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