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Lost in Chronologically Order

Following the podcast of Anna and Wendy:

Lost in Order

Episode 12 (1996-1999)

On this very special day, saluting a great American Hero, Dr. Martin Luther King,  and I turn to the work of another King and ponder on the reoccurrence of the maddening, interminable reoccurrence of Nineteen in Stephen King's Gunslinger series in comparison to my favorite tv show, Lost, as I attempt to catch up my blog to Anna and Wendy's relentless trek toward that stygian tower which is: LOST REWATCH IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER.


Michael says good-bye to Walt, Locke moves to a rural commune after Helen leaves him, Charlie saves Nadia from being robbed, Miles visits his dying mother, and Desmond is discharged from the army.  Charlie and Liam decide to go forward with Driveshaft, Jin gets a job at a hotel while Sun tries to find a husband.  And we finish out the episode with Sawyer trying to con a family in the same manner that Anthony Cooper conned his parents, but leaving upon discovering they have a child

Theme 1: John Locke just can't catch a break.

John never had any good foster parent experiences, his natural parents were crazy, self-centered bastards who went out of their way to destroy his life and ruin his chances for love with Helen. Now his 'adopted' hippie commune family is destroyed by John's good trusting nature. But I still think John could have salvaged the situation. The undercover cop was pretty much convinced that they were planning a terrorist attack using a fertilizer bomb. If they had kept their heads, strung him on a little while while they cleared out the pot, they could have shown him an empty greenhouse with no fertilizer bombs or equipment.

Theme 2: Charlie's Awesome Sex Confession

Shows that is having second thoughts about the life of a rock god. He sees that this life is lacking something and wants to quit but places his trust in his brother who will eventually betray him. First to keep up his drug/sex addled lifestyle and then secondly to save himself (when he sells Charlies' piano). I should also give a shout out for his saving Nadia. He definitely acted heroically.

Theme 3: I like the Jin storyline much more than Sun's

I don't have a lot of empathy for Sun's priviledged lifestyle. But I do enjoy Jin's storybook, pauper to prince story and the tragedy that will follow.

Theme 4: Michael is betrayed by his baby momma

Michael always seemed like a less than empathetic fellow. He never treated Walt very well and always seemed more concerned and driven by his own insecurities rather than any overt caring for Walt, But his getting screwed by his baby momma definitely earns him some sympathy points.

Enjoyment Factor

John's catastrophic destruction of his hippie family continues a great John Locke storyline and Charlie and Liam's storyline is very effective. Combined they make for a very enjoyable episode.
Enjoyed seeing John Locke face the destruction of another family, Sawyer the con man gets the spotlight (interesting given his earlier hero like stature in the Dharma 70s.
Still liking the backstories all seen together, but these had the feel of more filler (except for John Locke which really rock).

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