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Lost in Chronologically Order

Following the podcast of Anna and Wendy:

Lost in Order

Episode 11 (1995-1996)

On this very special day, saluting a great American Hero, Dr. Martin Luther King,  and I turn to the work of another King and ponder on the reoccurrence of the maddening, interminable reoccurrence of Nineteen in Stephen King's Gunslinger series in comparison to my favorite tv show, Lost, as I attempt to catch up my blog to Anna and Wendy's relentless trek toward that stygian tower which is: LOST REWATCH IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER.


First, we have Sayid helping Nadia escape from where she was being held captive, we see Michael get hit by a car and continue the downward spiral known as his life, and speaking of downward spirals, Locke ruins his relationship with Helen to help his father (who stole his kidney, remember?), and then...things get interesting.

Now, some would say when Desmond went through his life, he had no knowledge of the island until he landed on it. But yet, when he became unstuck in time, he flashed back and forth between 1996 and 2004. So while he's experiencing these events in 1996, which he doesn’t remember when he first lived through 1996, but only later, when he became unstuck in time. This kind of presented an interesting dilemma, because these events didn't originally happen in 1996, and yet, they did happen, because Penny knew to wait for Desmond's call in 2004 after he told her in 1996. With the rest of the show, any sort of travel through time has always been part of the natural order of things. The time travel back to the 1970s, that always happened, so there was nothing unexpected about it. But Desmond going back to 1996, that was unique, because some would say it didn't always happen, it was very unexpected. But that was one of the things that made Desmond special.  That and, women just love the accent.

Anyways, back to the point, Desmond's time flashes finish up this episode. Did his time jumping always, have happened, or did they only will have happened in the future past. But Mike Maloney says they did still take place in 1996 so here they are. It's a little confusing, but then again, it's LOST, so what do you expect. Besides between John Locke and Helen; Desmond and Penny; and Sayid and Nadia, we have one hell of a great chronological episode interweaving 3 great stories of love's labors LOST. (oh and then there's Michael and Susan)

Theme 1: Leaps of Faith.

John Locke sneaks out of Helen's apartment before she can break out her fifty shades of gray 'apparatus'. Helen gives John the key to her heart and her apartment (just not the cuffs under the bed) but John can't get past his kidney stealing faithless father. So Helen unleashes some of her anger issues on the rear end of John's VW. Bam!

Michael takes a leap into the path of a mysterious car and has lots of time in the hospital to ponder Susan's betrayal. He abandons his son Walt to the watery grave that is Venice (like Roland abandons Jake to his watery grave under the mountain-OK so it was Rome, just a little literary license ok!). Why did Michael abandon Walt? Perhaps he trusted Susan. Perhaps he took a leap of faith that his anger and possessiveness might not have been the best motivation to become a single dad. And well Desmond is leaping all over hell and creation. I'm sure his time jumps always have had happened, he just didn't remember them cause his consciousness was replaced with his own mind, out of synch to his timeline. (Just like Billy Pilgrim in Slaughterhouse 5). Sayid, takes a leap of faith to throw away a promising career as a torturer to free his boyhood girlfriend (but NOT soul mate-he dumps her for a thin, snicker hating, slut) Nadia.

Theme 2: What one Jet takes away, another returns.

John loses Helen, $200,000 and a boat load of frequent flyer miles had he only took it on the lamb with his kidney stealing father. Poor John just couldn't take that leap of faith and move forward. He's stuck in the past (at least until he crashes on an Island in the future and cons a con man into murdering his father).

Theme 3: It's a date, in 8 years, Dec. 24, 2004

What do you want?

A bit deranged at first

8 years


Yup, 8 years on Christmas Eve (how romantic!)


Not gonna write it down?!?
Trust me

Theme 4: John Locke's story is still riveting.

John's crazy obsession with his dad, Anthony Cooper and his ruined relationship with Helen is heartbreaking. So far it is by far the strongest story as seen in chronological order.

Theme 5: Chronological Order of Desmond Hume's life is crazy but it highlights a very important point somewhat missed in normal viewing; Desmond in this time period does not have his future memories. He only remembers the flashes his consciousness spends in the future and doesn't know clearly what is happening.

Desmond is acting extraordinarily like Billy Pilgrim in Kurt Vonagan's "Slaughter House Five". Billy's mind jumps around in time but his consciousness only knows the knowledge of his own timeline beginning when his mind first jumped. And it is a coherent consciousness from then on. When he jumps to his life as a dentist, he doesn't know how to be a dentist cause he never went to dentist school. Likewise, here we see Desmond's mind in the 1990s leaving his body and returning with 'glimpses' of interaction in the future but he does not have any memory of the future outside of the time his consciousness was there. That's why he seems so disoriented, cause he doesn't know anybody.

Theme 6: Black Rock Auction. Why would Widemore spend so much money on the Black Rock's Log. And how did it get off the Island?

I'm not sure what could be in there that he already doesn't know. Perhaps some documentation on Jacob's interaction to bring the Black Rock to the Island. Or perhaps it just contains information he doesn't want anyone else to know?

Enjoyment Factor:

I really love John Locke's storyline and I think it holds up very well in chronological order. I think the quality of John's story, the writing and acting really has been integral to my enjoyment of the chronological storyline so far. (Loved 70s dharmaville too)

Some of the best relationships in Lost all seen in chronological order. Lost at it's Best.

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