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E-Everybody Loves Hugo - Cracked Pot Theories

Cracked Pot Theories Alert: Its an avalanche!
First off: hurray for answers: The Whispers are the ghosty voices of people who died on the Island and can't 'move on'
But then so many new questions:
My first question is whether Hurley found Jacob's ashes or the diamonds? There was alot of rattling around, but the ashes makes more sense since the presense of the russian language book points that this was Ilana's stuff. Ok so this is a simple one, but what do you think Hurley will do with Jacob's ashes?
My next question is quite simply: What the heck is up with Desmond?
--did his brain get fried?
--has he gone bonkers?
--has he been illuminated?
--or is he just crazy in love?
--What does it mean when he tells MiB/F-Locke "what's the point in fear"? (Now that Desmond knows love and his constant in both realities has he overcome fear, is fear just such a small emotion compared to the recent revelation of his true love Penny?
--MiB/F-Locke was not amused by Desmond's stoic demenour, he seemed downright disappointed that he was not inpiring fear in Desmond, so much so he threw him down the well. One of many wells according to MiB/F-Locke. Or is it a well that John Locke knows all to well (yucks). Will Desmond be turning the donkey wheel or just taking a bath?
--And both Desmond and Charlie are acting pretty weird. (Wow what insight Mr Badd, you have outdone yourself sir! Hold the snickers from the peanat gallery, or just hold your snickers, but not to long they do melt in your hand)

Charlie walked through that intersection on being released from jail without a concern in the world for the cars speeding toward him. He then crashed Desmond's car into the waters of the Marina (same Marina where Ben shot him and tried to kill Penny and same Marina from the picture of him and Penny that he kept in his Dickens book "Our Mutual Friend"--except originally the picture was in London done in front of a backdrop) and he looked like he wanted to find Davy Jones' Locker cause he wasn't interested in exiting the car.

Desmond exited the magnetic chanber (reminded me of Jacob's Cabin--I think somebody's got a date with a dank dark musty ole cabin for an eternity or 2) and didn't seem to care that he was kidnapped and seperated from his wife and son. He then saw Sayid break the necks of 2 guys in half a second and didn't blink an eye as souless sithlike Sayid stared stoney-eyed at him. He didn't seem concerned that he was left tied to a tree, and when MIB/F-Locke came along he acted like he was just taking a stroll in the park and not standing mere feet from a crazed lunatic, shape changing monster.
And man, even when MIB/F-Locke seemed to be doing everything he could to spook Desmond, he just calmly replied, "What's the point of fear". Which seemed to really tick off MIB/F-Locke and led to his impromptu journey to the dark depths beneath the Island.

Well if Desmond is not crazy, I think it's possible that he's had a transformative event of enourmous power. But what is the nature of this transformation. He certainly was struck by and emersed by the power of love in the sideways reality when he found his lost love, Penny, yet again. He had forsaken her for a mechanical life of monetary obligations and never looked past the next deal to be done to win the heart of his lofty master, Widemore. And he is certainly familiar with time, jumping into his past and catching fleeting glimpses of the future. I think because of his survival of the Swan 'Implosion' when he turned the fail-safe key, it is possible that his consciousness may have merged with his mind in the flash sideways. He might now be aware of memories from both dimensions.

The writers of Lost need some method to combine the two realities and while a growing number of Oceanig 815 passengers are remembering their lives in the other reality there must be some more substantial cross-over. I wonder if LOST will tie in the 2 realities physically by either having characters 'cross over' from one to the other, or a merging of the timelines/realities so that only one reality reamins. Or it is possible Desmond, and his ability to move his consciousness between realities will be a literary mechanism for initiating events in both timelines based on interdependent motivations and outcomes. Anyway I find another possibility, that Desmond emerges as a hero, (even as he, running over John Locke in the Flash Sideways). Crazy, but I think Desmond getting zapped in the magnetic cabin, did more than just jump his mind between realities. I think it merged his mind between realities but that's not all, I think it also merged his consciousness across all time. I think Desmond is very much like the Billy Pilgrim in Kurt Vonnegut's book, Slaughter House 5, who lives simultaneously in the past, present and future and is aware of his existence from start to finish.

I think when he crashed into John Locke in the Flash-Sideways he was NOT trying to illuminate John. I think he's trying to kill John Locke and affect the MiB/F-Locke on the Island. Maybe he is even causing a chain of events that will bring John Locke back to the Island to either become Mib/F-Locke or challenge him.

Desmond gives John a smirk and silent, stoney eyes in the moment before the impact.
John goes head over heels as Dr. Ben Linus comes to the rescue. Kind reminded me of Nadia getting hit by the SUV as Jacob spoke with Sayid and when John got thrown out of a window and then touched by Jacob.

So Desmond is starting to act alot like Jacob. Very reserved in the face of people trying to kill him. Emotionless as he manipulates the tragic events of people's lives. And Desmond is gathering lists to. Asking Minkowski for the Oceanic 815 manifest. What is it exactly that he wants to show them?
So Charlie, Dan 'Faraday' Widemore, Desmond, Libby and Hurley have so far remembered their Island reality lives.

And Eloise 'Hawking' Widemore again knows more than she is telling. And she is also wearing 2 broaches that match the brand that Juliet received in "Stranger in a Strange Land". A mark that looks very similar to the enblem of the Knights guarding the Holy Grail. (see my post on Lost, the Dark Tower and the Holy Grail)

If you read any of my other blog postings you know that I love the works of Joseph Cambell's and my blogs rely heavily on his interpretation of the archetypical mythic and literary themes.
Conquering fear and obligations to act out of one's core and to discover a new self-awareness.
We will not discover a white knight conquering an evil force, we will find ourselves confronting the light and darkness within each of us. The true quest is discovering that the journey is our destination and our destiny.
Desmond's fall into the well is a classic myth metaphor. The symbolism is to go into a dark enclosed space, where the hero communes or confronts the mystic forces and where he is recreated, until his emergence and rebirth.
If Desmond emerges I believe he will be a completely changed man, and maybe just the hero that Lost needs to save the day, continue the work of Jacob or maybe start a new cycle which begins where Jacob's work ends.

So, Desmond is following in the steps of Jacob but what of Hurley?

He is becomming a leader of the remaining Losties and is beginning to actuallize the morality he has always expoused. He refuses to use a gun (or dynamite), believes that we should seek to communicate with those who we are in conflict with and he has lead the Losties to MiB/F-Locke's camp to prove his convictions.

In a post to my blog, 6-Lost, The Dark Tower & The Grail Quest I wrote:
"I believe Lost involves a similar quest and healing theme that will result from the transformation of the heros. Perhaps some Lostie, like Hurley will likewise overcome his fear and desires to act from his core, and of his own volition to communicate some simple message which will lead to a couple of improvments that will bring monumental changes to the story of the Losties. Perhaps they will also detour from their goal of getting off the island, and in the process find transformation to allow them to get past their fears to communicate with the others on the Island. And so might the Losties find salvation in their journey."

I believe Hurly is bringing this about when he walked into MiB/F-Locke's camp. He rejected the violence expoused by Richard and is taking a leap of faith in following his heart and his moral convictions. His friends have put their trust in him and are following him.

MiB/F-Locke certainly seems pleased in proportion to Jack's apparent distress when they meet.
Kate looks happy to see the gang (or Jack) while James seems shocked and dismayed.
I hope to have a post shortly about the significance of Fyodor Dostoyevsky's existentialist work "Notes from the Underground".

John Locke and MiB and MiB/F-Locke all are very similar to the main protagonist in Fyodor Dostoyevsky's existentialist work "Notes from the Underground". The un-named narrator in Notes from the Underground, is an angry, spiteful man. He attacks the proposition that there is a purpose to life, or that people can act rationaly out of compassion to better themselves or society. It is even possible that Jacob could represent the "underground man" depending on what outcome he is trying force MIB to accept.
take it easy,

Anyway, I absolutely loved "Everybody Loves Hugo", an A+ for me

take it easy
it ain't all half-bad
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