Friday, April 30, 2010

F-For Far Out Freaky Cracked Pot Theories - The heck with the numbers, what do the letters mean?

Ok so for 6 years we've been obsessed with finding the meaning for "The Numbers" (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42) and In "Everybody Loves Hugo" I guess I transferred my fixation to "The Letters".
What da F are you talking about Mr. Badd!!
Well when Hugo visited Libby at Santa Rosa we saw a series of Block Letter Squares just like the one that decorated Claire's Stick House in "Lighthouse" where she had the number "1" decorating one of her walls.
So I have put together a montage of photos from the Santa Rosa Scene and I include every shot where one of the blocks is clearly visible. I only include each letter once for each shot.
It's probably doesn't mean anything and if it does, it probably is just a joke about how the show was obsessed with numbers and now I am jumping to an obsession with letters. Just desperation as we look for meaning in any random (or not so random) presentation of images or information.
Well here they are as I saw them:
1.) Y

2.) W

3.) Just to confuse me the numbrs 4 and 6 are visible (next to the unique pictorial of an island)
4.) half an M
5.) Z (plus a bunch of other letters just to drive me crazy)

6.) X and U
7.) A and 7 follow very quickly
8.) A sideways Z appears as a very fetching Libby greets Hugo
9.) M
10.) half an M

11.) Y
12.) Another Y (after a shot of Libby)

13.) A W above Hugo's head

14.)X U Y
15.) A blurry Y

16.) Another blurry Y

17.) An even blurrier Y

18.) X U Y
19.) Y to end the series. Oh, the ka'tet of 19!

And just to end this ridiculous post with on a cultural high note,
the Island in chalk (with what looks like a pac man eating a butterfly)
So to sum up the letters (ha ha)
Y, W, 46, M (half), Z, XU, A7, Z, M, M (half), Y, Y, W, XUY, Y, Y, Y, XUY, Y

If the half letter are inconsequential then the sequence is:
Y, W, 46, Z, XU, A7, Z, M, Y, Y, W, XUY, Y, Y, Y, XUY, Y
and if you take out the blurry Y's
Y, W, 46, Z, XU, A7, Z, M, Y, Y, W, XUY, XUY, Y
Addendum: (Monday 5/3/10)
Just thinking that maybe the "letters" are related to the "numbers".
I was trying to come up with some matrix equations that would fit (M/2, or Y squared) so far no luck, please drop me a line if anyone recognizes any mathematical formulas that might fit.
4 - Locke
8 - Reyes
15 - Ford
51 - Austen
16 - Jarrah
23 - Shephard
42 - Kwon
108 = Wallace
Post "The Candidate" Evaluation of the LettersOK so this will be crazy, but if you look at the #1 in Claire's stick Hut, you might ask "ok so what does that mean?".
--an interesting coincidence with the letter blocks in Santa Rosa
--Claire's address "1 Muddy Path Lane, Lost Island Hut Owners Association, Black and White Developers"
--Maybe it means Claire has been CLAIMED by candidate #1 in the Numbers (4-John Locke).
I thought this was crazy but looking toward the Letters displayed at Santa Rosa there was the numbers 4 and 6 together in one block and the number 7 in a seperate block. Now this is just observational but the 4th and 6th candidates in the numbers are now dead (16-Sayid Jarrah & 42-Jin & Sun) and the 7th candidate yet to be revealed, 108-Wallace is high on everyone's list to make a big splash when he (or she) appears on the Island.

Anyway I know it's crazy but I just thought all those letter blocks had to "Mean" something and like many Lost fans I have a tough time letting go of little facts and observations that get stuck in my shinny little noggin.

I thought "The Candidate" was excellent and will have a post soon.
But wanted to include this crazy (and probably errorneous) observation. Did anyone think that the braclet (watch) that Sun had been wearing on her left arm seem to change in the final heartbreaking scene where her hand slips free from Jin's? I thought it looked alot like the blue hospital band that she was wearing in the flash-sideways. Totally bizzare and probably very wrong. Will have to examine some High Def Screen shots.

Doh! Brain Dead Theory mr badd!
Well I watched some screen shots and her bracelet/watch is clearly a bracelet or a watch and not a hospital patient band. Well that was quick. Glad to see badd lost theories is kicking the ass of all those bad lost theories out there (well at least the ones that end up on my blog).
Now if I just can have about 6 more years maybe I can make sense of them?!?

take it easy

it ain't all half-bad
mr badd

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  1. OK, that may be the funniest thing I've read in a long time!!!!!! But what's sadder is that while watching ELH, I thought about this same thing!!!

    Thanks for the great laugh.

    You were meaning for us to laugh. Right?

    Oh, sorry. You were serious.

    Then just ignore the above. The letters have a meaning. I'm sure.

  2. Yes, I am serious but at least I don't take myself or my crazy ideas seriously. Although as you can see I have expanded my crazy ideas and I'm sure that Mr. Eko would be scolding me to not "mistake coincidnece for fate".

    But to answer your question: YES I meant you to laugh. That's really the whole point of my blog...of course the other point of the blog is to listen to the crazy little voices in my head and drop them into this virtual bottle to see where they end up in the intertubes of the net. Hopefully to others like yourself Lottery Ticket, who find my ramblings funny.
    Thanks for the comment.