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The Last Reruit (reviewed in pictures)

I thought it was a great episode which improved on rewatching.
There were some amazing character scenes between:
  • Jack facing off against F-Locke and some 'answers' about the conditions under which F-Locke can take someone's shape (lots of holes in F-Locke, Christian Shephard appeared off island and on the freighter, Walt appeared on Island, something not right about F-Locke's that he could assume the shapes of dead people who's bodies ended up on the Island)
  • Jack connecting with Claire
  • A very nice scene in the ambulance between Dr. Ben Linus and John Locke ("my name is John")
  • A good dialog between Kate and James 'I'm a cop" Ford
  • A great plan/trap set forth by F-Locke which appears to hand over the boat to James (who he obviously doesn't trust) , combined with a possible triple cross of sending Sayid to kill Desmond and then leaving the march to give Jack an opportunity to leave and meet up with James.
  • Amazing scene between Sayid and Desmond. Desmond made Sayid to look like the trapped one when he was at the bottom of a well with a gun pointed to his head, way to go Desmond.
  • Great scene between Kate and Claire imploring her to come to the light and come home,
  • Wonderful scene between Jack and James on the boat with Jack jumping ship and going his own way.
  • Nice heart warming scene reuniting Sun and Jin followed by a nice double cross followed by the arial bombardment of the beach.
  • And the end with F-Locke finding Jack washed up on the beach, and he litterally falls into his hands.
Definiately an A in my book, although like everyone else not only is the tension of the show coming to a pinacle, likewise our expectations for answers are running high.

Opening Showdown between Jack and F-Locke

F-Locke comes clean about masquerading as Christian Shepard on day three after the crash of Oceanic 815 (White Rabbit). But there are large discrepencies when he confirms that he can take the form of people who died on the Island and their bodies need to be on the Island. But what about Richard's wife, Isabella? She did not die on the Island and her body should be back in the Cannary Islands. So how did Smokie take Isabella's form? And then there is Christian Shephard appearing on the freighter and off Island, as well as Walt appearing to Shannon. hmmm....something isn't adding up.
This scene very much reminded me of Darth Vader telling Luke, "I am your Father." Except it's F-Locke who loses his cool when Jack persists in reaffirming John Locke as a true believer. F-Locke seems awfully bitter and angry about John Locke, calling him a 'sucker' and the talk breaks off emotionally as F-Locke rises up and Jack is ready to shoot from the hip, only to be defused by Claire's appearance.
Claire clearly was worried that F-Locke would take her big brother for a 'walk' in the jungle and was following in order to protect him.
Jack and Claire kindle the close connection they had as surviviors and a sibling warmth flickers, but is quickly darkened by the shadows that sits heavily on Claire's heart and soul.
Claire shifts between spooky, detached ambivilance, to girlish coying warmth and then to dark forboding malevolence, finally telling Jack that he joined F-Locke as soon as he let F-Locke speak to him.
The scene flashes sideways to the ambulence carrying John Locke to the emergency room. Dr. Linus accompanies him and admits that he doesn't know anything about him, other than he's a paraplegic. John tells him his first name "my name is John" and in a heartbreaking dialog tells him his emergency contact his Helen Norwood who he was going to marry, and Ben reaffirms to him that "You're still going to marry her".
I thought John was almost smiling as he looked right into the camera. A wierd sensation that John might be experiencing memories from the other reality or perhaps is sensing the illumination that Desmond, Charlie and Daniel experienced. When they arrive at the hospital, Sun is also being brought in and she exclaims "It's Him!!", forboding that she also has connected with events on the Island. Flash Sideways to the Island where James fills in Hurly on his plan to escape using Widemore's Sub and that Sayid has turned to the Dark Side.Hurley reminds James that even those turned to the Dark Side can be redeemed. (Star Wars shout out! Anakin Who?)
Kate has a one way conversation telling Sun. When Claire returns and bonds with Hurley, who still is a horrible liar.
Mean while F-Locke returns to camp and is unabashedly gleeful now that we are all together again like one big happy family. What evil plans does he have brewing in that shiney little noggin.
Back in the flash sideways James 'da cop' Ford has an interesting conversation on the coincidence of them bumping into each other again while Kate tries to find some leverage.  
Flash back to the Island and everyone is up in arms when Zoe walks into camp with a walkie and and an ultimatum back up by some heavy heat.

F-Locke doesn't bat an eye and is not impressed or amused as he declares 'here we go'.
He quickly lays out his plan to Sawyer who turns around and sets their escape plan in motion.
Kate and Jack look longingly as they depart.
In the Flash Sideways Desmond stalks Claire and convinces her to go to his laywer friend for a consultation. While back on the Island Sayid has his marching orders to kill Desmond.
In an amazing scene Sayid looks down at Desmond.
And when Desmond asks how Sayid what will tell his dead love when she asks "what did you do to bring me back from the dead". Sayid looks like he's the one trapped and not the man in the well.
James fills in Kate on who is and who is NOT on his gettaway 'list' Kate objects that Claire is not on it.
John is marching his recruits to a supposed redevous with James and the boat, but stops to chat with Sun, feigns ignorance about what she's 'talking' about.
And then conveniently abandons the march and gives Jack his chance to slip away, and Claire is not pleased at being left behind yet again.
Claire tracks the Losties to the boat and gets the drop on them but Kate implores Claire to come with them.
Kate reminds Claire that Kate was with Arron when he was born and that Claire should have been the one to raise him and that now is her chance. Tears are exchanged and she comes on board with the warning that if John finds out he'll be mad.
In the flash sideways, Jack and his son have a special moment and Jack is introduced to his long lost sister by Ilana.

The Losties set sail for Hydra Island. Chesty finds out Sawyer's plan. Jack and James have it out on the boat. Jack steps off and follows his own path.

Jack says the Island is not done with us. James is done with the Island.
James is not having any of Jack's 'crazy talk' and orders him to make a choice. Jack makes it and says he's sorry for getting Juliet killed. He leaves them to find his own path and follow his destiny. He reminds me of Luke Skywalker flying down the Death Star's trench. He has lost his wingmen, R2D2 is fried, he turns off his computer and is alone with the force speeding on toward his destiny.

Kate implores James to go back for him, but James says "what is done is done" and he's not going back any more.
In the flash sideways Jack discovers that he knows his latest patient and on the Island, Jack stumbles onto shore only to find F-Locke waiting with open arms.
Flocke exclaims "Nice day for a swim" as he gives Jack the evil eye.
On Hydra Island, the Losties swim ashore and Sun and Jin are reunited and everyone shares in a brief uplifting moment, as Zoe, following Widemore's orders, double-crosses James and the Losties. They are put under the gun and F-Locke is targeted.

Sun and Jin's joyous reunion stirs bitter memories of James lost love Juliet.
Zoe cancels the deal and calls down the artillery on F-Locke.

Jack hears the incomming shells but is to late as F-Locke looks on impationately. F-Locke hauls Jack off the beach and declares "your with me now".
Lots of great character interaction and the Island is poised for the beginning of the end. Don't think we've seen the last of the explosions.

take it easy
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