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The Package: Colonel Kurtz emerges as Sayid's humanity recedes

This episode expands on the emerging duality of the 2 'Camps' on the island (well 3 cause Widemore is BACK! But I clearly associate him with the side of the light).

The ambiguous moral motivations of Lost's players and pawns is coalacing into a stark duality of good vs evil, light vs darkness. (Manichaism raises it's ancinet head-see my Ab Aeterno post)
 The dark horror of Sayid's placid, yet hellishly damned eyes and utter amorality of his actions (and inactions) are fiercely contrasted with the emotional light reflected in the faces of Jack and Sun as they renew a bond of trust and faith. In this case faith is not the unquestioning faith in mysterious and hidden forces, but based squarely in the personal relationships forged in their struggles to live and survive on and off the Island.

Sun rejects the dark tempation, resits the easy lie that she wants so desperately to hear and follows a path based on trust and love.

She beats a hasty retreat but knocks herself unconscious as she flees MIB/F-Locke.
Ilana's forgiving of Ben (Dr. Linus) after his escape from burial detail can be contrasted with Sayid's moral and emotional detachment as he watches Claire struggle to cut Kate's throat.
And the ease by which F-Locke/MIB directs Sayid to F-Locke/MIB's purpose can be contrasted with Ben's 'tricking' of Sayid to turn his killing ways to Ben's use. It's especially telling when one looks at how Sayid was motivated. Ben played on his emotions, specifically his love for his wife and anger over her death versus how F-Locke/MIB has 'captured' or co-opted Sayid into his dark circle. Sayid can be seen to to have taken a step toward F-Locke/MIB with every murder and amoral act he has committed.

The work of Joseph Conrad "Heart of Darkness", previously referenced on Lost is again very relevant but more so it's adaption by Francis Ford Coppola and John Milius:
Apocalypse Now
Colonel Walter E. Kurtz = F-Locke/MIB
Captain Benjamin L. Willard = Sayid
Dogen sent Sayid to kill F-Locke/MIB just like the U.S. Army sent Captain Benjamin L. Willard to assasinate Colonel Walter E. Kurtz. Both are 'turned' and gravitate to the dark philosphies of their spiritually bankrupt fathers. But will Sayid fulfill the role of Capt Willard and Judas (from the Lost Supper) and slay F-Locke/MIB? Regardless, Sayid's humanity appears gone and that may be the real battle occuring on the Island.

Sayid, his humanity burned from his flesh in a cruicible of torture and death contrived by a convergence of malevolent, malicious, conscienceless & dissolute manipulating hands (Ben, the Man In Black, the CIA, the Republican Guard --I am surprised he's not a part time assassin at Starbucks) emerged from the water near the sub as a later day Captain Willard or Colonel Kurtz. (Not sure which Sayid will turn out to be)

Colonel Kurtz arises from the dark water to murder Williard's remaining companions on the boat
Capt. Willard arises from the dark water to murder Col. Kurtz
and as Desmond peered into his flat dead eyes, one of the riders of the apocolypse in the final battle of Lost has most definitly emerged.

And if we need a mirror image of his cold, dead heart in the Sideways Reality, it certainly was the scene following his eviscioration of Keamy and his gang, when he opened the freezer door and saw Jin. I think the only reason he didn't kill Jin, was he actually felt bemusement at Jin's predicament. Jin was in a tight spot but might get out, while Sayid is locked on a path of grisley destruction. He's definitely not an arabic translater for oil companies. He looks every bit the part of a hired hand of death.

The themes of 2 sides lining up against each other were very obvious:

Seriously, "I come in peace!" Come on! MIB/F-Locke is so trying to kill all the candidates. No body is getting off this Island alive!

Episode Review
Off Island
Initial thoughts of Off Island Action = B
After reviewing Sun pic-wow!

 Keamy scene with Jin "the heart wants what the heart wants..."
After Rewatch and Review = A-
On Island
On Island Scenes = A
Jack/Sun = amazing
Jin/Keamy = better than Goodfellows

Jin/Sayid = great, Sayid looks lost (and he's definetely not following the Resteraunt Safety precautions)

Most underrated performance of episode:
A TIE!!! between Sun's silent dialog with Jack and Keamy giving a touching scene of emotion and cold, amoral corruption.

Questions posed by Episode:
--Sun's pregnant with Jin's baby? (Jin was infertile?) Who's baby is it? Or was Jin's infertility caused by MIB/Jacob's machinations?
--Did Sun lose her ability to speak english because she doesn't know english in the flash sideways?
--Are the flash sideways happy endings unravelling?
--Why did F-Locke/MIB not drag Sun's unconscious body back to his camp like he carried Richard?
--Did F-Locke/MIB find the unconscious Sun a more profitable opportunity to achieve his purpose than forcing a reunion with Jin (who is no longer in his camp)?
--Is F-Locke/MIB's power's limited when there are no conscious people around???? Does his powers come from the belief or minds of the people who view him?

mr badd's rating for this episode = A
Character scenes dominated but there were deep undercurrents of amazing plot and mythology currents.
It's like the moment after a huge wave has crested and fallen, there is an errey moment of calm before the placid waters recollect and rise again.
Best play on episdoe lines: Widemore: "Not what but hume" (thank you Geeky Tom from the Lost Initiative UK)

Dark Tower allustions
--Sun's overgrown garden and Jack finding one lone tomatoe that didn't know it was supposed to die = the Rose

--MIB/F-Locke = Man In Black, Walter O'Dim, Randall Flagg
--Sayid looks very much like a Gunslinger that MIB was able to prevert and control (his original plan for Roland the Dark Tower Gunslinger--using the accumulated moral blows of sacrificing those drawn to him to pursue his quest in order to shape him into maleable clay on Walter O'Dim's wheel of fate).
Mirror Images
Jin in the Freezer:
Sun in mirror:
Light vs Dark

Best Missing Scenes/Photoshop Moments:

Best ickky tie in between flash sideways and lost character
How Mikhail Bakunin becomes "Patchy"
Best episode inspired personal ad:
Lonely mousey geophysicist seeks strong, mature man to fulfill deserted island paradise fantasy and find my buried treasure:

It's right around here somewhere but you're gonna have to go over the terrain pretty closely.
Best Sawyer moment:
Where's my Gin! (I mean Jin, but seriously do you have any Gin!)
take it easy,
it ain't all half-badd
mr badd
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