Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wacked Out, Crazy Predictions for the Lost Finale!

Crazy Predictions:
Well the end of the Lost is upon us. And Lost has housed more mysteries than any single show before it. But it probably won't be the end of the mysteries. I think we will find that the mystery of Lost will remain. But here are a few of my wacked out crazy cracked pot theories that I hope might come to pass on this last and finale episode of LOST.

1.) Michael Giachinno will be conducting the Faraday Concert and Faraday will be playing the piano when the 2 realities 'cross over'.

2.) Kate will be the only survivor to get off the Island (with Vincent, ala "The Stand").

3.) Claire and Vincint will save Desmond from the Well. Vincent will lead her to the well.

4.) Miles will 'talk' to the dead Charles Widemore to find out his plans for Desmond.

5.) Ben is 'good'. It will come to pass that Ben will be revealed to have been 'playing' F-Locke in order to bring about his defeat. He will be instrumental in notifying Miles, who has the C4 in his pack, and who will find out what Desmond needs to do to defeat F-Locke.

6.) John Locke will fight and win control over his 'body' on the Island away from the Smoke Monster.
Remember episode "?" (2-21) when the Mr. Eko investigates the woman Charlotte Malkin as a miricle for the church. See 'drowned' in a cold river and during the autopsy she came back to life.

During the autopsy tapes playback, there are Whisperers but more importantly
Charlotte Malkin says "John!"..... "Let John Locke Go!"

7.) Claire will save Kate. Mirror reversal of why Kate came to the Island, and pay back for everyone forgetting about Claire. (Sorry Claire:-)

8.) Last Shot of Jack's Eye. And Last but not Least, the show will end focusing on Jack's Eye, just like the Pilot Opened.

And Finally, Thanks!
Thanks to all of the cast (whether they survivor or not) for their wonderful work to make Lost the incredible experience it has been.
Special Thanks to Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse & J.J. Abrams.

Thanks for the incredible journey, whether you love or hate the end, it's been glorious. Congratulations on seeing your dream come to fruition.

Stay Lost - mr badd signing off

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