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The Candidate - More Pictures, Theories and Witty Commentary

I thought THE CANDIDATE was great! Another "A" in my book.
Terry O'Quinn as John Locke and F-Locke is awesome!
John Locke is wrestling with the same self hatred in both realities and even the smoke monster dobbleganger of John exhibits John's conflict, self-doubt and self-loathing.
In one reality John Locke was thrown out a window by his dad and he still wonders what is so wrong with himself that his father doesn't love him.
In another reality it appears to my little eye that the con man, Anthony Cooper wasn't able to compete his con for John's kidney before he forever lost his consciousness in a plane crash with John. But did the crash and John's black out and/or pilot error cause his father's vegitable state or did Anthony Cooper's mind jump to the island (leaving him like Faraday's ex-girlfriend and lab assistant).
Watch with the drooling Anthony! That's your son's girl!

Wouldn't it be truley bizzare for his mind to jump into that moment in the Black Rock when 'Sawyer' was choking Cooper with the chains (he forged in life) in "The Brig". Just a bizzaro thought but the more I thought about it the more I concluded that the Anthony Cooper who still conned James parents in the sideways reality was just the same Anthony Cooper conning John for his kidney. Except instead of bonding with John on hunting trips, he agreed to a one way plane ride to oblivion. A well deserved end for a bad egg in both realities.

And in both realities John is bitter about his paralysis and ultimately still blames himself and punishes himself for his failures. In the sideways reality John's 'black out' and resulting paralysis is his just punishment for 'killing' his father, Anthony Cooper. In another it was John's failure as a son, that prevented his father from loving him and eventually led to his fall.

Sad to see the heartbreaking deaths of Sun and Jin and Sayid earns a little redemption as he grabs the bomb and dashes to his death. I wonder if Sayid will get a little positive karma in the sideways reality for his sacrifice on the Island. Maybe he will break the cycle of death he seems caught up in and find his true love. But will it be Shannon or Nadia? As long as they don't meet each other I guess it will be ok.

Loved the show. I thought Kate's desperate reaching for the keys to the cages was remeniscent of Richard in the Black Rock desparately reaching for his nail.
And speaking of desperation, anyone doubting the power of the continuing character development in the flash sideways and on the Island is blinded by their own desperate need for answers. Just be patient, Jack will come to your rescue to!

And if Jack can't do it on his own, not to worry cause it looks like Dr. Nadler, (Bernie to his friends), knows more than he's saying and is there to lend a gentle push in the right direction. "It looks like you're on to something Jack. I hope you find what you're looking for."
And souless, sith-like Sayid gets his humor back without a body count. "Welcome to Hydra Island. At least you didn't have to paddle". A sure sign that the power of the dark side is waning.
It's Sunday so it's Pylon Moving Day. So a crazy invulnerable monster is coming to kill you all, no reason not to get those pylons centered just right. I mean, if you get them off center you'd throw off the feng shui of the entire Island.
The Losties are marched to the cages.
Damn Kate is smoking hot!

But Widemore is not impressed, if you're not a candidate you're nothing to him.
Pudgey gets pushy with James.
But James isn't thrilled about the accomodations, he's stayed here before. Guess you shouldn't threaten someone with a gun if your not supposed to kill them.
Widemore gets the drop on Kate.
Widemore threatens Kate (hater!) just because she's not on the list, what about Lapedius, why is no one threatening him, what is he chopped liver?
It's a Hydra Island Stand-off.
It doesn't matter to Widemore if Kate lives or dies, she's not on his list.
James blinks.
James cares, Kate must be on his list.
Widemore grounds the Losties and really, its for their own good!?!
James breaks it to Kate that her name has been crossed out. (But only in the cave not the Lighthouse!)
It looks like he still cares about Kate.
Sun and Jin reunite.
And Jin's ring, renews their lost love
Uh Oh! The Sh*t is about to hit the fan! Frank looks like he's almost to the end of his script.
Hurley is not to optimistic "And now we are dead" (what with the show ending and all).
Jin is not worried, he's got another gig on the Big Island, go 5 Oh!
Smokie is tearing up the house.
And it looks like an evil face emerges!
Smokie takes Stay-Puff for a brief ride.
Kate isn't doing any better reaching the keys than Richard did getting his nail back.
But what's this...I'm Jack Shephard, I'm here to rescue you!
Meanwhile, F-Locke kills 2 guys for 1 watch BEFORE he even sees the C4 exists, guess he knows he's gonna need a timer ... either that or he's playing Grand Theft Auto - The Island.
Man F-Locke sure looks angry. Guess the watch is running slow. But time does seem to move differently on the Island.
Da Plane! Da Plane! The Losties arrive at the Ajira Plane.
But F-Locke is there first, with a story of a set-up by Widemore. He moved the fence to lure them into the plane and then wammo! C4 to send them all to oblivion.
So since they can't be sure there's not any more explosive wired to the plane, they decide to go by sub.
Hurley doesn't look like he likes the idea of a sub ride any better than helping F-Locke get off the Island, but he's out voted and they're off.
In the flash-sideways, John rejects Jack's offer again! And Claire and Jack share some sibling bonding over a mysterious jewerly case playing "Catch a Falling Star" -- how reminicent of Roussou's own case but her's played "La Mare".
Sawyer sneaks up on the sub.
Surprise! Well not yet but someone is sure gonna be surprised very soon!

Jack knocks F-Locke into the water and it looks like the plan is a success, but wait...
But it's a trap. The dark forces of Widemore have them surrounded and are driving them into the sub?!?! And Kate is the only one to get hit! We'll she's not a candidate. But Jack's to the rescue and gets her safely into the sub. How very predictable.
And with F-Locke AND Widemore's minions outside they have not choice but to dive and leave poor Claire in the clutches of that mad man!
He looks pissed, must not have been his bath nite.
He's up and starts to eliminate Widemore's cannon folder.
James makes a hard choice to leave Claire behind...
...In F-Locke's evil clutches!
Locke always seemed to have a protective attraction to Claire, and now it seems that F-Locke has her all to himself as the sub and all her friends sail away.

So what is the deal here! Widemore seems to have done everything to help F-Locke but why?
Widemore is in cahoots with F-Locke!
Couldn't either of them have killed the Losties at any time? Unless they can't and if they both have plans that require the Candidates dead but can't do it themselves, then the rat bast*rds had to work together to get them to kill each other. But how.
The ole C-4 bomb with a timer trick. Fate won't let F-Locke kill the Candidates but if they try to disarm it they will trigger it themselves!

A bomb! Didn't Locke blow up the sub once already, F-Locke seems like a copy cat! No points for originality.

Jack figures it out. F-Locke can't kill them so attempting to disarm the bomb is how he wants them to trigger the bomb and kill each other.
And it looks like in this corner it's the new man of faith (Jack) vs the new man of science (James), who will prevail?
Trust me James!
The trust boat has sailed and James pulls the plug.
But it happens just like Jack laid out and Sayid makes a choice for redemtion, gives some directions to Desmond and announces to Jack, that he's the one!
Sayid grabs the bomb and makes a dash for redemption.

And then steps into the light!
Frank sees his doom coming.
Jack takes charge, sends Hurley to save Kate and Hurley asks "What about everyone else?" and Jack says "I'll take care of them".
Jin, James and Jack work to free Sun
Just as they seem to free her, James is knocked unconscious and Sun is revealed to be trapped by tangled steel piples. Doh! Things are not looking good.
Jack makes another hard decision that saves one life and dooms another.

Sun and Jin face their cold fate together.
Sun begs Jin to go!
A final kiss.
Love lights even in the coldest dark
Goodbye Sun and Jin
In the flash sideways John and Jack are now reversed. Jack implores Locke to have faith, while John seems bitterly dejected and resigned to his fateful punishment for harming his father in a plane crash that he was piloting.
Jack tells John "what ever happened, happened"
John can't let go of the guilt. Just like Jack couldn't let go of the guilt he felt for being responsible for his father's drinking himself to death.
Jack doesn't know how to let go either, he's hoping John will go first.
Some dark humor grips John.
Jack gives John the same line John wrote in his suicide note "I wish you'd believed me"
John looks as lost as when Ben found him preparing to hang himself and said "There's no helping me!"
Back on the Island, our Lost survivors wash up onto the beach of the main Island and give in to their grief. Kate's love for Jack is revealed as she only has eyes and concern for him.
Kate and Hurley react to Sun and Jin's death (what about Frank, what is he chopped liver?)
Jack goes to the water's edge to grieve and look out across the water to where his nehmisis waits.
F-Locke doesn't wait long, he senses that they live and sets out to finish what he's started.
Claire looks confused...
...As she is left behind again!
So here's the skinny:
Widemore is in cahoots with F-Locke! That's how he 'knows' Kate is not a candidate! Cause in Jacob's lighthouse her name is NOT crossed off. It's only crossed off in the cave and only F-Locke and Sawyer knew that!

Widemore pulling back the pylons was just like F-Locke said, a ploy, but one meant to set up their combined plot to bring about the deaths of the candidates by their own actions. And it was evidently clear at the sub. It was wide open with no guards. All they had to do to secure it was to submerge a short ways offshore but Widemore's forces only surved 2 purposes:

1.) To Drive the Losties into the sub

2.) To wound Kate so that Jack would be forced to tend to her and not swim for it.

They both want all the candidates dead, dead, yes dead! And they saw Kate as just a pawn (or is she).

Kate as candidate 51 not crossed out in lighthouse and her numbers are present in the Valenzetti Equation.

take it easy

it ain't all half-bad
mr badd
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