Saturday, May 29, 2010

LOST: THE END! That was awesome! Thank you Damon & Carlton!

Well I was blown away. A 10 in my book.

The finale of Lost made me laugh
(loved Hurley's Star Wars call outs and finding 'Chesty' Lapedius floating in the sea, "hey I'm a pilor remember",

and boy was I surprised; didn't see the Sideways reality as a cruicible for awakening the memories of our 'DEAD' Losties, and didn't see Rose and Bernard (although I should have, they were on the Island in 1977) and was

filled with awesome excitement, with the mamouth battle between Jack and F-Locke, with Jack bringing the flying fist of fury from the sky to combat the death dealing blade of John F-Locke, then to have Kate save F-Locke a bullet

and then I cried when Kate implored Jack to tell her that she would see him again. (Not the only emotional moment of the night). The montages of the Losties lives on the Island when they 'remembered' were amazing and struck straight to the heart. Jack's dying and eye closing, while expected chocked me up to and when Vincent came over and layed down next to Jack, my heart strings were broken.

(Blog update underway, more to come. Am planning an analysis of the individual struggles/hero quests that each Lostie that made it to the flash sideways underwent on the show and a more detailed photo montage breakdown. It's over but I think I need to go through the story once more before I can let go:-)

mr badd

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