Saturday, May 22, 2010

Damon and Carlton Speak!

Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse
(with special surprise guests Michael Emerson and Jorge Garcia)
Had a very enjoyable nite (Thurs. May 20) watching Damon and Carlton with my friend Mark. Lots of great theorizing about Lost. Lots of witty banter, desperate pleas from fans for friggin answers and a wonderful discussion about the collaborative creative effort that is Lost. They gave special shout outs to many of the writting team who specifically developed many of the characters and often wrote their scenes and centric episodes.

Damon let loose that there is a major call back to Star Wars in the opening 7 minutes of the Finale .
Damon spoke of how difficult the "Constant" was. And how much effort was required to coordinate the forward and backwards effects of time travel as well. He also gave kudos to the film editor, Mark Goldman for his remarkable effort in the emotional culmination when Desmond's call to Penny is answered. It aired exactly as first cut.

Carlton fired back with a certain actor/actress who will be making a surprise appearance in the finale. Darlton then argued with themselves about who blurted out the bigger spoiler.
Carlton and Damon also talked about how difficult the time travel was in Season 5. A lot of interesting insight into the creative process in the writer's room.

Michael Emerson talked about how great it was to play 2 different roles on the show.

Carlton noted that Michael always made the words of the script sound better than imagined in the writer's mind and always brings a uniqueness to his scenes.

Damon mentioned to Jorge, that they told the actors that they would be available to answer any of their final questions after the finale rapped and Jorge noted that he had no questions because he "got it". So there's hope for all of us.


Thanks Damon and Carlton for a wonderful journey.
See you on the other side!

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