Sunday, July 18, 2010

The End - a photographic review -- Part 12: Jack is wounded unto death but will not leave the Island; a final parting between Jack and Kate (tears)

We open up the scene with a picture of the Elizabeth. F-Locke's escape plan.

As Kate and Jack look down on the dead body of MiB. A 'man' who lived on the Island for over 2,000 years and who took the form of their friend John Locke as part of his scheme to be free of the Island and destroy his old prison. Now he lies dead, but finally free.
Kate helps Jack away from the precipice.
He is sorely wounded.

Locke struck a deadly blow.

It's mortal.

Jack never would stop being the hero, never. Not until his very last breath.
Jack is resigned to his fate.
Hurley, James and Ben show up, finally. The rifle lies forgotten. The way of the sword is over. No one left is interested in fighting over the Island or gaining dominance. Widemore is dead and Ben has finally turned to the light (hopefully).
James is informed that F-Locke is dead.
He is amazed.
Kate believes its over.
But does the Doc believe its over?
But while F-Locke or MiB is dead...
The Island is still sinking!
Son of a bitch!

Opps, hope I'm not disturbing you all. The scene flashes sideways to find Detective James 'Sawyer' Ford making a house visit.
Nope we are finished and were just leaving. (Seriously though why is Jin putting his clothes back one?:-)
I'm Detective Ford, I'm here to protect you.
Sun is sexy when she's happy.

Very Happy...Very Sexy.
Jin is a natty dresser....
...And I'm a cop sweet heart and a complicated guy.
What a coincidence, I'm a cop to! Hawaii 5-OH!
Hello, it's nice to meet you too brother officer.
Hello...(old friend).
Have you seen this guy?
I thought Chineese were Inscruitable, but these 2 Koreans take the cake.
Hey this is my serious face, this guy's a killer.
Oh we're ok. (He may be a killer but he's our killer.)
Yes, if you haven't noticed I tend to have lots of shots of the beautiful ladies of Lost. Gonna miss you Sun.
Seriously, this guy's dangerous.

You're just gonna leave. What's up with that.
(Bye for now)
Catch you on the flip side Danno! Whoops better save that for my new show.

James is left in confusion. And he looks hungry.
We flash back to the Ajira plan on Hydra Island.
Captain Frank 'Chesty' Lapedius is busy getting the plane ready. The rain has stopped but the Island is still falling apart.

Ole Chesty blue eyes is getting off this damned dirty island...and back into Burt Reynolds movies.
Crappville! The hydralic pressure is kaput on the front brakes. (kinda funny: the HYDRAlic pressure goes bad on HYDRA Island).
Here take this and go fix it.
Huh, how am I gonna fix a jet plane?
Duct tape? Why didn't you say so...Piece of cake!
Chesty makes a call. It's now or never, get your asses over here!
Frank's in a rush and in no mood for chit chat, but this ride's not over yet.
The Island is still shaking and baking.
Son of a bitch! What's the deal? You said it was over?
Damn it! Locke is dead already!
Jack: It's Desmond's fault!
Kate: Huh?
Jack: Whatever he did needs to be undone.
James Ford looks flabergasted. It ain't over yet.

Jack is taking charge, but Kate says he doesn't have to do this, we can all leave this Island!

We can all go home!!!

Kate implores Jack that they can be together.

But Jack has already chosen and he knows his fate is sealed. He is mortally wounded and yet must save the Island before he dies.
Kate does not wish to surrender Jack to the Island.
But he will not budge.
And Kate sees the determination (and death) upon his face.
Jack calls to James and tasks him with getting the survivors to Hydra Island. "Can you get them there James?"
You got it Doc.
Jack painfully rises to the call of duty.

Hurley looks on in anguish and trepidation. Jack's devotion and leadership is moving him along his own path.
A final farewell between the two greatest heroes of Lost. Jack 'Doctor Giggles" Shephard and James 'Im a complicated guy' Ford.

Thanks for everything Doc (and James knows Jack has sacrificed everything to reach this point, perhaps he even forgives him for Juliet's death).
Jack embraces his destiny.

Ben calls out to James.
He passes him the walkie (nice catch) pressure with the cliff and all.
If the Island is going down, then Ben's going with it. A final act of devotion by Ben to the Island to which he has sacrificed everything, including his ambition and greed for power
The Losties look to Jack and Kate expecting a final farewell.

Jack looks to Kate with happiness, he may have regrets but he is embracing his path with joy.

She can not accept their parting.
Kate silently pleads with Jack to leave the Island with her.

Kate: Tell me I'll see you again!!!

But Jack can't lie to her, not now, not at the end of everything.
And Kate reads the end of their story on Jack's face.

She has no more tears for the anguish of their parting.
But bears one final kiss.

Kate: I love you!
Jack: I love you to
Tears, Tears and more Tears for such a parting.

Kate watches Jack leave. The story isn't over yet, but their part together is.

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