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The End - a photographic review -- Part 9: Jack attack, Rock beats head & Revelations at the Benefit Party, Claire and Charlie reunite

F-Locke/MiB emerges from the Cave of Light, but the light has been put out and the Island is comming apart at the seams. F-Locke seems pretty worried for a man whose 2,000 year dreams of revenege have finally come true.

Surprise Jack Attack! Jack isn't through with you yet. Indestructible or not Jack is not gonna give up without a fight!

F-Locke is down and is looking scared! (And is that blood on his hand?)
Jack is going to huff and puff and blow his smokie ass away!
Jack smacks F-Locke upside John Locke's face.
And draws blood!!!
F-Locke has a Voldermort moment as a snaky tounge darts out and tastes his own blood.
I'm flesh and blood again! Oh wait, I can finally have a real relationship with a woman! I won't be limited to 'friending' on Facebook.
Jack: It looks like you were wrong to!
Jack seems intent on putting F-Locke out of his misery.
Watch out Jack! These Island Folk are badd ass with Rocks!
F-Locke knocks Jack upside the head. Rock beats head.
F-Locke is unnerved by his sudden transformation to human and runs his frightened little ass away from a helpless Jack. F-Locke just wants to get the hell off this Island.
Jack is dazed and confused...and he's just been bashed on the noggin with a rock.
We flash sideways to find Claire desperately searching for the powder room and is being menanced by the Dharma Shark.
Claire has a mirror moment as she starts to come to the realization that her baby is comming NOW!
Kate comes to the rescue!
She looks pretty hot in that dress, as she looks for some help.
Meanwhile Eloise Hawking/Widemore seeks out Desmond.
Eloise is upset that Desmond didn't understand her orders.
Desmond makes it clear he understood, he just ignored her.
Eloise is pissed. Definitely a control freak.
Eloise is scarred she will lose her son again.
Eloise pleads with Desmond not to take my son.
Desmond tells her that they are leaving this place, but he's not taking Daniel. (But she needs to watch out for the red head!)
Eloise gets to keep Danny boy! (Run Daniel, Run! Preferabley away with the red head!)
Desmond makes an old woman very happy!
(Another service for Mr. Widemore)
Behind the stage, the real action is occuring. And Kate is desperate to find Claire some help.
Kate seems a little shocked that Claire is acting like she's not having a baby. Girl wake up and smell the amniotic fluid!
Charlie has abandoned the concert for a chance at 2 groupies. (Note the sign of "Polynesian Islands")
Charlie is concerned that the girls have started without him.
Claire wonders if the creepy bass player is an even creepier gynecologist.
Charlie is having a human feeling.
Kate breaks the spell and asks him to get some water and blankets.
Charlie is missing out on the magical moment of child birth.
(or some girl on girl action?)
Is Claire having a baby or an orgasam?
Claire is having second thoughts about the whole thing?
And now she's seems to be holding her breath.
Kate turns on the charm.

Claire still has some doubts but dives in.
Kate's looking like she's ready for this to happen.
Claire is finally pushing.
She can feel it happening
Kate is getting a little demanding.

Wow! What and Where (and When) is this?

But Kate is drawn back to the 'present'.
What did Kate just see and experience?
Oh, what's this. Something is definitely Kate!
No time to consider, cause Claire continues to push.
Claire senses something this her first birth?...what are these memories?
Kate is overwhelmed by feelings, but of what and from where?
But those are memories and whatever they are this is now and NOW Claire must push.

One more push will be enougth. Claire is almost there now.
But where is she now?
Claire is on an Island, and giving birth (again?!?)

Kate is here to! And the baby is coming! 

And just when Claire thinks she's almost there. Things shift sideways, again!
But Kate is helping her in her memories and in her 'now'.
And Kate puts it together. She remembers both the Island and now.
So many memories, so many emotions...and her tears fall for both the sadness and loss, as well as the joy and happiness that was, but is again her's.
But now, Claire's baby, Aarron is born.
Claire looks down and sees her child.
Her little boy.
And memories come flooding over Claire.
Kate is again delivering Aarron and cradling her son.
Claire flashes sideways and remembers.
And she holds her child, her Aarron, once again.

And in the moment of holding her new born baby she sees herself holding him again, in the 'past' on the Island.
Birth, life, death, joy and loss always coalesce during the travail of childbirth, but now that realization of the eternal and the tangible time bound encapsulation of life bound within the threads of time that a mother undergoes giving birth is interwoven with an awakening of another life. A realization of another birth, another child, and all the moments of that life fill her at this moment of this child's inception.
Aarron's birth is a fountainhead of renewal for Claire and Kate.
Claire calls her son by his name and knows him.

And Kate shares this moment and all those memories with Claire.
And how unlike a previous birth on the Island 2,000 years ago, when a nameless mother birthed twins and was brutally murdered by a woman who coveted her sons for their role as protector of the Island. That Island mother used the life delivered into her hands for her own needs and perhaps to pass on the burden she bore to one of them.
Kate also 'steals' Claire's son and assumes the role of mother for him. She is driven by her own needs to make sense of the turmoil and insanity they suffered on the Island and from her desire to cherish a love that can not run away from her, like James did when he leaped from the helicopter.
But unlike Island mother, Kate gave up 'her' child and risked all to save and reunite Claire with Aarron.

But here and now, at this moment Claire and Kate sees Charlie returning with a blanket.
And they smile in the knowledge of who he is, what he has done for them and perhaps for the joy that he soon will also experience when he is awakened to his other life.
But at this moment, creepy, loser, goth Charlie just stares blankly at the emotional reactions of these two lovely ladies just cause he brought a blanket.
And Kate asks Clarlie to give it (the blanket) to her.
Clueless, conceited, creepy Charlie just doesn't understand why they care about him, he's only brought them a blanket and not much else in this life.
Kate smiles, because she knows who he is and what he has done, even if he does not at this moment.
He give the blanket to Claire and she reaches out and touches his hand.
And awareness reawakens in Charlie at Claire's touch.
He sees himself with Claire in another time and place. A beautiful and mysterious Island.
He remembers this woman, but not from his life, from another. Here he became a different man and shared his love and imagination with her.
Claire and neither the peanut butter nor these memories are dreams or illusions, they were, are his life.
In her smile he finds his true song, that beats in his heart and the lyrics are the actions of this life and he is more proud of them and her than he can speak.
And in a flash sideways he is here backstage with Claire again, and Aarron.
And joy fills Charlie's ears as Claire shouts his name with love and longing and a contented peace.
And memories burn alive in his heart as he is reawakened and reborn.
These thoughts and feelings blaze through him like a wildfire and his bitterness melts away as he is reawakend to love and life that he found with Claire on the Island. From warm tender glances shared around the night's fire.

And they shared the simple joys and pleasures of daily life and drew ever closer to each other.

The tenderness and affection they felt grew and kindled into passion and love
And from that kiss glimmers awareness that carries over to the flash sideways where Charlie stands before Claire and Aarron.
Charlie remembers and sees Claire anew.

They share their love refound.

Hello again Aarron.

Kate finally sees Claire and Aarron together, and Charlie to.
Desmon: Do you understand now?
Kate does.
Charlie and Claire and Kate along with Desmond all remember.
Kate: Now what? 

Desmond: Now we leave.

Well that was a tear jerker and mr badd has to admit that he got a little emotional over Charlie and Claire finding each other again.
But where do we go from here?
Well another blog post for certain. We must find out if F-Locke gets off the Island and if Jack will reawaken in time to stop him. Indeed will Jack reawaken in the flash sideways to his life on the Island?
These and more questions will be answered (but many mysteries will not)

take it easy
it all ain't half bad
mr badd

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