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The End - a photographic review -- Part 10: The Island is crumbling, the plane needs repairing, and Jack and MiB in a legendary confrontation to decide the fate of the Island, the Losties and the Universe

The Island is convulsing and the Losties are shaken. Kate goes bottoms up.
Is that a Palm tree or Teak, possibly a Mango tree. You can tell if you are in the path if it moves neither to the right or left of where you are. Hmm, not moving left or right, hey Ben know much about trees.
I'm flying off this damn Island one way or another.
A whole lot of shaking going on!
Ouch! This Island is a hard place.
It's a Teak Tree and you're supposed to be spry! Move it Hurley!
Ben takes one for the Hurley. Bit of a change for Ben, who murdered Jacob endangering the Island and strangling John Locke which allowed MiB to inhabit John's body and start this Long Con. Ben gave up Widemore and Zoe, watching MiB cut her throat and then blew Widemore to hell (although Widemore was giving up the Island to try and save his daughter Penny). Ben previously would have watched impassively or made sure that a candidate definitely would get hit by the accidental tree. Before his redemption with Ilana, he would not think twice about killing or sacrificing anyone to move one step closer to his goal or to maintain his power on the Island.
Now he has abandoned his scheming ways and lies trapped beneath the Island he sought to protect and for which he sacrifice everything he had, including his daughter.
Meanwhile Jack is awakened by the storm's rain.
He quickly checks to see if Desmond is alive at the end of the rope but not getting any response, legs it after F-Locke in order to stop him from leaving the Island. Luckily he knows a shortcut.
The Losties work to free Ben from the tree and try to make sense out of the earthquakes and storm of doom that is raining down on them.
James thinks its pretty obvious...Jack got it wrong.
What is happening?
This Island is going down, just like Locke said.
Meanwhile Miles contacts the Losties on the walkie! They have arrived at the plane and Pilot 'Chesty' Lapedius and Richard are working hard to get it airworthy.

Chesty wants 6 hours to prep the plane but Richard thinks the Island will give them less than 1.
Miles tells Kate they have a hour to get their asses over here and then the plane is taking off.
How the hell do we get over there?
Son of a bitch!
But Ben knows how to get to Hydra Island...Locke has a boat, so they need to get to it first.
James plays it straight and frees Ben rather than hoof it to the boat.
MiB/F-Locke is at the cave where 'his' boat lies at anchor. It appears he has triumphed. The Island is crumbling and his escape from the Island is at hand. He's even flesh and blood again.
Revenge is sweet.
But MiB's final act is interrupted...who?

LOCKE!!!!!!    It's Jack and he's not ready to throw in the towel.
Him again! Doesn't this guy ever give up.
It's not over!
It's a showdown. hombre contra el hombre...a contest that's been waiting 2,000 years for an outcome. And as bird quitely glides through their battleground, peacefully riding the rage of the storm and passing on, their battle begins with its passage. For a moment, could they both walk away?
Could Jack go and save the Island, and let the man who wears John Locke's face just leave. He's now flesh and blood and no more dangerous than any other man. But both are drawn to this contest. Too much blood has been spilled and one seeks justice and another revenge. Who will win?
MiB/F-Locke draws his knife.
MiB/F-Locke charges Jack. The Battle is ON!!!

Jack accepts his fate. Death to F-Locke. If MiB is to die it has to be done by him. Now is his chance. MiB is flesh and blood, even as the Island crumbles, he will not turn from his duty. MiB must die.

The Storm has arrived and Thunder will clash with Lightning.
Jack brings the flying fist of fury from the heart of the mountain storm.
F-Locke brings 2,000 years of spite cultivated against his Island Mother who murdered his birth mother and initially trapped him on the Island, and Jacob, his brother who turned against him and cleaved to the woman who murdered their mom, Jacob, who murdered his body and trapped him as a monster and imprisoned him on the Island. He's bringing a world of hate directed at Jack.

Jack and F-Locke are flung back from the initial clash and F-Locke looses his grip on his knife.
Jack falls back and down the steep rocky slope.
They recover and prepare to renew the struggle.

Jack lands a powerful right, with eveything he's got behind it.
But he's put to much into it and is off balance and tumbles. While he recovers, Locke removes his backpack and renews the struggle again.
F-Locke comes back for round 2!
Jack lands a kick and manages to get behind MiB and gets an arm lock around his throat.

But F-Locke head buts Jack and is free.
They grapple again for round 3!

F-Locke has the power of fear and anger.

F-Locke sees his knife skidder down the cliff face.
F-Locke makes a break for the knife.
But F-Locke's hate and passion for death has left him vulnerable and just before he can reach it, Jack strikes.
Jack has MiB down but can he finish him?
Jack has F-Locke in a strangle hold again, watch out for rocks Jack!
But F-Locke isn't reaching for a rock this time, he wants his knife!
But as Jack chokes him, again. The Island is disintegrating around them.

F-Locke desperately seeks his knife. 

Jack seesk to finish it!

F-Locke has his knife! LOOK OUT JACK!!!

2000 years of Spite and Anger, Fear and Loathing. He summons every iota and..
...MiB strikes out at Jack.
Our Hero is mortally wounded!

F-Locke: I want you to know Jack, you died for NOTHING!!!
Jack and F-Locke are locked in a death gripe and it's not looking good for Jack!
Jack is saved!
Kate to the resuce!
Kate: I saved you a bullet!
Jack looks at his rescuer...She has always been with him!
Kate has avenged Sun & Jin, and all the others of their friends who have been Lost on this damned Island.
F-Locke struggles to raise and with his last breath breathes a spitefilled refrain, "You're too late" and smiles in the knowledge that the Island is dying.

Jack is finished listining to this bastard. And while there is no Fire around there is Water. (Remember episode 2-12 "Fire and Water", a fitting epitath to the brothers. Jacob died in Fire, and MiB is pushed to a watery doom.)

Jack looks down at the final resting place of MiB, the man who wore the face of many people on the Island, but died in the flesh of John Locke. 
Well, he didn't quite make it to the water, but I'm pretty sure high tide will wash him to Davy Jone's Locker.
Jack ponders his victory?

Well another part of the finale is done. This was certainly the action climax, both of the finale of of Season 6 and also culminating arch of the entire series. For me it tied a big bow around Lost and especially season 6. Jack is back as the hero and Kate came back to be the strong, tough girl that stood by his side through thick and thin and end up finishing what he started. I would say she saved his life but that knife wound went in pretty deep.

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