Monday, July 12, 2010

The End - a photographic review -- Part 11: John wiggles his toes and finds he's not in Kansas anymore! Dr. Jack keeps his heels dug in firmly and refuses to go down the rabbit hole.

As we approach the 1 hour mark of THE END, we find John Locke comming out of surgery.
Dr. Jack comes by to check out his latest patient and gets checked out by John's nurse.
But Jack only has eyes for his patient.
Is Jack shaving in his sleep? How does he keep getting cut? And as a doctor, why does he not seem more concerned that his neck keeps spontaneously bleeding? No cut, no scab, just blood and then monomaniacal Jack is obsessing about the next patient.

John is sleeping peacefully.

Jack says he's outta here, he's got a party to get to, but nurse hot lips finds a reason to make him stay.

What he's awake? God D#*ned Anesthesiologist keeps bogarting the gas!
But Hot Lips plans are shot and Jack sends her away to spend some quality time with his patient. Welcome back to the real world John? How are you feeling? Have any dreams while you were under?
John tells Jack the surgery worked!
John can feel his legs!!!
Dr. Jack says that is impossible. You just had major surgery and not as much of the good drugs as you should have...
...what the F*#K!!!
If you get me some red ruby slippers I can click my heals and I'm outta here!!
whoops...can you get a nurse to trim my nails and give them a quick buff before I go?
Too Late! John sees his toes a wiggling and remembers...
...he once saw his lifeless toes move before!

And John remembers!!!
Oh and I had a cool scar over my right eye! Was I a pirate?

No John, not a pirate. You were a hunter, and a friend, and a hero, but you were still scared. But you didn't let your fear stop you. You never let your fear tell you what you couldn't do! And you sacrificed your life for your friends, but you did sacrifice Boone to your need to feel special. And while you lived you were brave and foolish, scared and wise, curious and believing, iconoclasitic and denying. But you tried your best, you helped your friends survive and overcome their physical and pschycological limits. And you were special and you did see into the eye of the Island and found it beautiful.

And in a flash, he's back in his hospital bed!

Did you see it Jack? Did you?!?
But while Jack sees, he refuses to believe. He won't take the leap of faith and go down the rabbit hole....Lease ways not just yet!
Jack: Huh?
John is so happy to remember who he was and is.

Jack feels something...

And Jack sees a mysterious hatch that John blasted open. But Jack's not yet ready to go down in to delve into that mystery...not yet.

At exactly 1 hour into THE END, John Locke remembers and asks Jack to come with him.
John left the water running on the Island and has to go...NOW!!!

But Jack isn't going anywhere...not just yet.
John Locke is happy and complete.
Jack still clings to the present and needs to see his son.
But John tries to remind him, "You don't have a son, Jack."
Jack refuses to keep his eyes open.
John tries again, "You don't have a son."
What's with the black foreground nearly covering John's face???
Nurse Hot Lips is not back in the room yet and Jack is by the doorway???
Continuity error or an allusion to the dark side which John touched or the dark side of Smokie who inhabited his body on the Island???
Is this another mystery or just an edit (removing the nurse from the room but keeping some older shots when she was in the room?)

John: I  hope that someone does for you what you've done for me!

The scene ends with Jack in profile. Perhaps a metaphor for his need to cling to one dimension of his life, to cling to science and refuse to have faith in what he is experiencing.
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