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THE END - A Photographic Review - Part 14: Jack finds Kate but refuses to let go of his present to embrace the past and walk into the future and on the Island Jack passes the torch to Hurley

In the Flash Sideways, Jack is a one dimensional man in search to be complete, to find his missing half. He is a determined man of science locked into his role of fixer of broken things.
The party's over but Jack is searching for his 'son' David, his biggest responsibility and outside of his broken marriage and role as healer of broken people, his main obsession to fix. This frame catches Jack half in the darkness as his past and other side of his life is still repressed.
But he finds someone unexpected who will shed light on that side of his life.
It's Kate (and she's smokin!) who is delighted to find him.
She is eager to show him the light, and she is sparkling.
But Jack is clueless! And doesn't understand why this incredebile woman is smiling at him and looks vaguely familiar?
Kate looks at Jack with such intensity and emotion.
She tells him "It's over" but her eyes say somethings just about to start.
Jack is amazed! Does this blazing beauty know me?

Kate asks if Jack is looking for someone (cause here I am!)
Kate is so open and welcoming for someone who stole his pen.
But Jack is Lost and gropes for some understanding from his (current) life to make sense of encountering this woman. Surely what he feels for this woman isn't due to her possessing his pen. She seems to possess his very soul, but that CAN"T BE!
And Kate is patient as she sees his confusion and reaches out to him to help
Concern echoes in her eyes as she tells him that her stealing his pen is "not how you know me."
And she is willing to cross any gulf to bring Jack to her and show him how he knows her.
But Jack is like a deer in headlights.
So Kate takes the lead...
Kate reaches out and touches her long Lost Love, and he again awakens to the memories of his Island life.
And the woman before him is transformed, and both of them are younger, in a time when passion floated on a tropical evening breeze and love blazed in the flickering lights of a fire among the dunes and beneath a moon that is overshadowed by the glow of desire in her eyes as they first pass looks of flirtatious longing that ebb with the tide but they find their souls clinging to each other through out the comming struggle and travail that engulfs them on the island and off.
Here is that same mysterious woman and again he sees her for the first time and that envelope of mystery enfolds him.
And he awakens to feel her warm hands embracing his face and heart.
Kate: I've missed you so much!
Kate is complete with Jack by her side.
As Jack again glimses what he is missing.
That first passionate kiss.

But Jack turns away and refuses to believe his feelings or his awakened memories.
Kate is troubled at how Jack can deny their memories and ties of friendship and love.
But then, she knows Jack better than he knows himself (at least right now).
And can't be surprised that he would react any other way.
Jack is Jack and he has had one particular demon on his back since he was born.
Jack is determined to cling to the one dimension of his life that makes complete scientific sense because he fundamentally still has a broken piece of his life that can not be fixed and that he has not acknowledged. Jack needs to face his father but his father is dead.
But he while he doesn't understand WHAT IS HAPPENING TO HIM. He continues to the truth of it.
Kate doesn't force it,
Jack: What is happening?
Kate implores Jack to trust her.
She knows he doesn't understand what is happening, but promises "If you come with me, you will."
Jack considers and his reason slips a little.
He teeters on the edge between faith and reason, between love and fear, between the unknown mystery of life and love and the solemn comfort of duty and science.
Kate burns into his soul and will not let him loose.
We flash sideways to find Jack being dragged through the bamboo forest by Hurley and followed by Ben.
Just as they approach the Cave of Light they get a reminder that Jack's wound isn't their only worry; the Island is still tearing itself apart.
Jack colapses before his final task.
Hurley wants to know how 'we' get down there.
But Jack knows 'we're not, going down there. It's a one man job and that job is Jack's. He's going it alone from here.
Hurley says that Jack can't go it alone and survive.
Concern is etched on Hurley's face.
Hurley's jaw drops when he realizes Jack's intention to die saving the Island.
Hurley won't let Jack die!
Jack (is steely and determined): It has to be this way.
But Jack knows he's already dead, F-Locke's blow was mortal and Jack's not kidding himself.
But Hurley says Jack is supposed to protect the Island.
Hurley: You can't die! The Island needs You!
You're committing suicide!!!

But Jack knows that this is how it is supposed to happen.
Jack: This is what I'm supposed to do.
Hurly demands that Jack is NOT SUPPOSED TO DIE! THE ISLAND NEEDS YOU!!
But Jack tells Hurley, "It (the Island) needs you!"
Hurley is shocked.
Jack is insistent, "It needs to be you Hugo."
The weight of this responsibility sinks in on Hurley.
Fate is reaching out to claim him.
And Ben is passed over again. His greates desire has always been to run this Island and now it seems it's to go to one who doesn't desire any bit of that power and responsibility.
Emotion flows over and through Hugo as the burden of what Jack is saying sinks in.
Hurley: I can't!

Hurley: It's supposed to be you!
Jack: It was only supposed to be me so I could do this.
Jack: But if someone has to take care of the Island, if someone has to protect it, then it should be you.
Jack: Hurley...
Jack: ...I believe in you.

Hurley digs deep and agrees to take the responsibility (but only til Jack comes back after the light gets lit, Hugo proclaims its only temporary).
Jack knows that everything is temporary, even the weight what he just placed on Hugo, but he also knows that he won't be coming back this way again.
But its a deal never the less.
And Ben see's his final chance to become the true leader of the Island slip away forever.
But when Jack says they need a cup, or something to hold water, he comes right forward to help pass the cup of leadership to Hurley.
(This is a real honest to god, Holy Grail moment. The Grail is the symbol of healing and rebirth to the Hero's path. It appears when it is needed and it's form is immaterial. It is not recognized until it is needed and used by one who does not wish to possess it.)
Ben acts as the methaphorical "Fisher King" who has possessed the grail his whole life without realizing it. He had thirsted for its power and has always been wounded. His wound representing his sacrificing of his life, and love in a vain pursuit of control and manipulation of those around him. Ben the ultimate manipulator is shown to be the weakest, and finally merely a vehicle for the passing of the grail. But at the end, Ben embraces this role. He relenquishes his ambition for control and is healed.
Jack unceremoniously fills the grail.
And Ben witnesses the inglorious mystery at the heart of the Island, the passing of the torch from one leader to another.
Jack offers the now filled 'grail cup' to Hugo.

And he accepts it from Jack's bloody hands. From death to life, the cup is passed.
And in drinking Hugo accepts the responsibility of the Island...
...and is changed...
...or is he, is that it?
Jack: Now you're like me!

With mixed emotions, Hugo accepts the responsibility...
...and painfully acknowledges Jack's sacrifice and his own new burdon.
Well another post down, we'll return  with the Losties desperate to get the Ajira plan off Hydra Island as my review of "The End" wines down.

take it easy
it ain't all half-bad
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