Sunday, August 8, 2010

THE END - A Photographic Review - Part 15: Jack decends into the Cave of Lights to rekindle the what Desmond put out; while Chesty Lapedius is working to get off this rock!

Frank 'Chesty' Lapedius cranks up the engines and enjoys the humm of their pure magic, he's ready to get outahere while the getting is good, he's not waiting til every seat is taken.
Meanwhile Hurley and Ben lower Jack into the well of lights.

Another jolt from the Island leaves Jack tumbling to the bottom.
Where he spots Desmond passed out from his efforts to uncork the Island.

Desmond fesses up to pulling the plug and turning off the lights. HIS plan didn't work, cause he's still here.
Jack drags him to the rope.
And Desmond puts up a vain effort to stop Jack, but Jack is insistent.
It's Jack's job to finish this and Desmond has done enough. It's time for him to go back to his wife and child.
And we shift to the bucolic beauty of the Island (Hawaii).
And find James and Kate washed up on Hydra Island yet again. And they spot a welcoming party but while subduded it's definitely more friendly than the last time when Widemore double crossed them and threw them in the pokey.
It's Claire and she' is adrift and rudderless, afraid to go 'home' and worried that her pain and suffering and madness will endanger her Aarron.
James reacts to the Island shaking and spots a big chunk of it going into the sea.
Suddenly there is alot less of that beautiful Island.
James is determined to get off this rock while there's time.
But Claire has no where to go and dispassionately awaits her doom.
Kate implores her to come home.
But what kind of mother would Claire be? With only squirl baby to practice with for 3 long years.
But Kate will not leave without her.
And Chesty has got the engines fired up and is backing this baby out onto the runway.

James hears the sound of the engines and knows its now or never.
But Claire is distraught.
Kate tells her that no one starts off as a mom.
You have to grow into it. And she knows, cause she was never a soccer mom or taco night kinda girl, but she became a mom for Aarron
And she promises to be there for Claire and help her get past her demons.
Will Claire go, or turn into Rousseau part deux?
The plane is ready to roll!
Frank tells the team to strap in cause he's leaving.
The engines roar!
But wait, our last Losties make it in time.
Frank tells Richard to open the hatch for some late arrivals.
And we switch back to the fire which is still burning away at the Island's heart.
Jack desperately heaves into the cork and drags it into place.

He's in agony but this is his last duty to perform and he's doing it entirely by his own choice.
It's in. (That's what she said:-)
And he collapses.
While the fire still burns.
And the Island is still shaking. That runway won't last much longer.
Kate, Claire and James race to board.
Sorry Claire but you'll have to check your squirl baby, no more overhead space.
Good to see you too Enis.
Our Losties only travel in first class. Bit of a flashback to their arrival on the Island via Ajira 316.
Frank lets the engines loose and they roar down the runway.
Frank wishes they had just a bit more runway.
Not much room left and those treess are getting pretty close.
Take Off!
They made it!!!
Kate can't believe it.
And neither can Richard, he has spent a several lifetimes on the Island and now he is leaving it (and his guilt) behind. The unknown truley lies before him.
While Miles is free and footloose with a bag full of diamonds to sneak past customs.
Claire tensely awaits the next moment.
But she won't have to go it alone, Kate is there to help.
It looks like she may just make it yet.
An act of kindness touches her heart.
And Kate succeeds in bringing Claire home.
While James is leaving the only home and love he ever really cared for behind.
Good bye Blondie.
What's this, Jack is being barbecued!
It's still burning?!? Jacobbb!!!!
But wait! The water comes at last.
And the fire dies and the light returns.

Jack's faith is redeemed!
And he's engulfed by the light of the Island.
The return of the life giving water and glow of the light spreads to the tunnel's entrance.
Where Hurley and Ben stand amazed at Jack's success.
And Hurley thinks of Jack's sacrifice.

Ben and Hurley jump to the rope. It might not be to late for Jack.
But Jack lies near death and enjoys his success, however briefly.
And it's Desmond who get's rescued.
Hurley desperately pulls up hoping to find Jack.
But it's Desmond.

And Hurley screams Jack's name.
But the echos are lost amid the roar of the light coming fully back to life.
What will become of Jack after he has bathed in the Island' pure light?

more to come,
till then
take it easy
it ain't all half bad
mr badd

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