Wednesday, September 17, 2014


It's Anna from Indiana VS Ms. Wendy

And the topic of this epic battle?!?
What kind of candy bar did Boone offer Shannon on the beach, the nite of the crash?

Was it a Snickers?

Was it an Apollo Bar?

Anna says it was a Snickers
Ms. Wendy asserts it was an Apollo bar?

Who will prevail in this terrific tremendously, terrible, titantic trvia clash of Lost fanatics?!?

Well if you thought mr badd could refrain from weighing in on this momentous issue, well you don't know badd!

Let's go to the tape!
Here's Boone offering Shannon the disputed sugary confection.

From the front:
And from the back:

So what's the verdict?

Well I would have sworn when they were discussing this topic on Lost in Order, that it was a Snicker's bar. I was already preparing a withering retort. But the photographic evidence, while not conclusive, it clearly shows this is NOT a Snicker's bar.
I guess this is just another mystery that will never conclusively be revealed.

But if it was an apollo bar can't you just picture the scene between Boone and Ethan where Ethan is ingratiating himself to the shell shocked survivors by offering him a soothing sugary snack? Oh well...

mr badd will just have to let this mystery be.


  1. Tough one. Looks like of like a Curlywurly wrapper to me:

    1. Woops, I mean: