Sunday, September 14, 2014

Lost in Chronologically Order

Following the podcast of Anna and Wendy:

Lost in Order

Episode 5 (1977 Day 1 - 2)


In Episode 005 we have our second full Dharma Initiative-centric episode, that starts with the on-island Losties (Sawyer, Juliet, Jin and Miles) meeting up with the Ajira Losties (Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid).  We see Sayid get captured and treated as Hostile, interrogated, and ultimately set free by a young Ben Linus.

Theme number 1: Jim's island love shack is starting to crumble.

In this episode Jim LeFluer begins to face real threats to his 'new' life in the 70s with Juliet. Kate has arrived bringing back the eternal triangle. Jack is questioning his 'thinking' (although he seems pretty happy to let someone else make the decisions). Sayid is definitely not cooperating. Will Jim stand by and watch him die to save his gig with the DI? Oh and Hurley's waffles and dipping sauces are threatening his rock hard abs. Will Juliet still love him when he spouts love handles?

Theme number 2: Burning buses!

Little Ben shows the moxie that Big Ben turns into maniacal, murderous, malevolent, 

Theme number 3: Sayid has found his purpose. Better time traveling through chemicals.

Will he open a yoga and meditation hut? Will he teach awesome futuristic ninja dance moves to the hippy DI? Will he start raising chickens? Will he and young Ben open a sandwich shop? (mustard optional) Will he fashion some bongo drums and form a duo with Oldham? Or will he follow his heart and KILL! KILL!! KILL!!! That's why he's here.

Theme number 4:  Radzinsky is a real d-bag!

Nuf said.

Enjoyment factor:

A very good Season 5 episode. "He's our you" interestingly had a flashback to Sayid's youth killing the chicken for his brother and mercilessly killing Widemore's agents on the orders of Ben. I am really looking forward to see if Sayid's youth will be pictured in the next episode.

I have to say I was a little disappointed that it lacked any other episode info and even cut out the young Sayid scenes. Hopefully they will be present in a very dramatic way when Sayid shoots Ben (whoops spoiler alert).

Ongoing Question:

Was Juliet pregnant? She seemed very emotional and distraught when talking to Amy and her words about timing were crypticly suggestive.

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