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Lost in Chronologically Order

Following the podcast of Anna and Wendy:

Lost in Order

Episode 6 (1977 Day 1 - 2)


We continue our stretch of Dharma-centric episodes with Episode 006, which starts things off with Ben being shot by Sayid, Miles asking to be shot by Hurley, and Miles picking up a dead body after a filling shot through the guy's head.  There is also Ben being taken to the Temple by Richard, and we wrap things up with "That douche is my dad."

Theme 1: Sayid is a bad, bad, very bad man, and a born killer, but he can't even kill a 12 year old boy?

If Sayid was going to shred the last thread of his soul, he might as well have double tapped Ben's ass and put one in his head! This is almost as bad as Sawyer shooting the marshal in the chest and missing his heart. Shoot em in the head already. Sayid can pull a break dance move and snap a man's neck while he's tied up on the ground, knock out Jin with one punch, but doesn't bother to check to see if Ben is dead? I guess he still has a shred of conscious or is just incompetent. Perhaps if he kept his eyes open when he fired his gun he might have done a better job?

Theme 2: Little Ben was shot on his left side (right over his heart) but when Jin turns him over it does appear as if the bullet wound is on the right.

Theme 3: Time travel is confusing and a ton of fun!

And so is Hurley and Miles bantering. Loved watching Hurley and Miles argue about time travel and whether they are going to cease to exist or if Ben will always have been ok in the future. And Hurley writing the sequel to Star Wars was awesome! Thank goodness Hurley's special garlic mayo didn't go bad!

Theme 4: Jack better get on the stick and figure out what he's supposed to do, cause I'm hungry and sandwiches aren't gonna do it. I mean where are the dippin sauces?

"Then he dies"... of disappointment that there's no dippin sauce nor garlic mayo JACK!

Theme 5: Roger's not as dumb as he looks. He figures out Ben stole his keys and let out Sayid and even drunk he spots that Kate knows more than she's letting on.

Enjoyment Factor

I loved the interaction between Hurley and Miles. The crazy time theory arguments, talking about talking to dead people. The Hurley / Miles banter was classic and awesome. I have to say I was a little disappointed that the episode was still a straight compilation of season five linear episodes. Still hopin for some interesting childhood scenes.

Answer to Ms Wendy's question?
Nama Who?
nama beer that's what!
 namaste beer!!!

A beer bursting with good karma.
Just remember to recycle or you just might end up in the dharma death pit along with your empties.
Recycle!! Don't end up like Roger Linus.

Photographic Review

 Sayid! Open your eyes for pete's sake!
Hole is on the Right!

Hole is on the left

 Hurley is fading BACK TO THE FUTURE!


 LeFleur's is this big! I swear. He's like a polar bear.

 Shoot me!

 Well why doesn't Ben remember Sayid shooting him back in the future when Sayid is torturing him?

 ahhh. oooo. hmmm.



 Richard pulls the Jacob card!

 Widemore simmers

 Welcome to the circle of trust

We can prevent global warming (or at least offset all the methane my garlic may will help produce)
What's in the notebook? It's personal! It's definitely not a rewritten sequel to Star Wars!

Dude did you? you know?


 You can talk to dead people!

 Its ok dude, I can talk to them too.

 You can what?

 cruzin on the Island

So you can talk to dead people Too!?!

 So you like to cook? What do you think of polar bear feces?
That guy's a duesche!
That duesche is my dad!

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