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Lost in Chronologically Order

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Lost in Order

Episode 7 (1977 Day 3 - 4)

Episode 007 shows us the rest of Day 3 and takes into Day 4, the day of The Incident.  Hurley is working on a rewrite of The Empire Strikes Back, because Ewoks suck, dude.  Faraday returns to the island with a purpose in mind, but instead ends up with an unfortunate run-in with his mother, and Sawyer  throws out his first recommendation that they commandeer a submarine.

Theme 1: Son of a Bitch!!!

Definitely. Eloise Hawking is the only one controlling events at this moment. She knows (from knowledge gained in the future and off the island) that the drilling at the Swan will release a catastrophic disaster. To prevent that she puts her son on a path to die by her own hands.
When I first saw this episode, I was consumed with trying to figure out Faraday’s motives and if he really believed they could change the future. AND that they SHOULD change the future or was he only playing out his role to bring about the Incident. Did his off island research show him the catastrophe that was about to happen at the swan and was he acting to prevent it or was he genuinely trying to change the future and eventually save Charlotte’s life.
And right now I see on a new level, the degree to which Eloise screwed her own son. Not only did she turn him away from music, but from happiness and joy. She wants him to fixate on Charlotte so he can’t be allowed to love another woman. In this episode we witness another birth on the Island. The birth of Twitchy. Her paranoid, wacked out genius of a son. He now has the knowledge and motivation and insanity to want to blow up an H bomb on the island.
I always thought Widemore was the evil bastard of their good leader/bad leader duo. But I was wrong.
Widemore was bloodthirsty enough to cut Juliet’s arm off to show he’s serious. He probably ordered the gassing of the Dharma Initiative. He was willing to kill all the Oceanic 815 survivors in order to get Ben and return as leader of the island. Even after he was ‘redeemed’ by Jacob. His first act on the Island was to murder all the Ajira survivors. 
But Eloise takes the cake.

No music for you!

 What was that constant? O yes, Faraday screwed to the 4th power.

Sorry son, Just because your brain is fried from those time experiments doesn't mean you can just sit on your behind and watch tele...I am not done with you yet.

Oh Desmond, this ring's not for you. You are bound for a life of misery and pain. Say hello to my son when you see him?

I should shoot you right now, but then I'd never have the pleasure of spending my whole life destroying you.

The object of your affection/objession

 Sorry Son, you're never gonna tap that! 

Theme 2: Jack’s real destiny was to fly to LA and hook up with Cindy the stewardess.

Perhaps Eloise was just pissed off at Jack for carrying out her son’s plans. So, she screwed over his real destiny, and only chance at happiness with Cindy the Stewardess. I mean you never saw Kate break FAA regulations to get Jack another drink. Eloise is just c*ck blocking our hero.

Sorry Jack.

Theme 3: Hurley tries to save Star Wars and ends up saving Miles’s relationship with his douche bag dad.

Hurley is the nicest guy in Lost. He deserves to take over the Island. But then again Luke didn't deserve to have his hand cut off by his dad,

And Ewoks just don't compare to Wookies.

and none of us deserved Jar Jar.

 Life is tough.

Enjoyment Factor:

Another great Season 5 episode (episodes) but again just some lingering disappointment with not seeing some hoped for 1970 scenes from our Losties’ childhood days.
Seeing Hurley try to rewrite “Empire Strikes Back” was awesome. Hurley truly did channel all our innermost fan souls through his character.
Luke sorry about the hand, and well Ewoks just don’t compare to Wookies. But they're no where as bad as Jar Jar f*cking Binks!

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