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Lost in Chronologically Order

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Lost in Order

Episode 8 (1977 Day 4 – The INCIDENT!)


Episode 008, our last look at the Dharma Initiative in the 1970s.  With Daniel Faraday dead, Jack follows through with his play to detonate a hydrogen bomb in the electromagnetic pocket where the Swan is being built.  Sayid gets shot, Phil is impaled, Juliet falls down the drill shaft, and the episode ends with the Incident occurring.

Theme 1: Jack wants to take the blue pill and never go down the rabbit hole.

He doesn’t have Lacuna’s phone number (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) so he does the next best thing and chooses to explode a thermonuclear bomb just to forget the pain of losing Kate. Seriously I thought he had a mission, a purpose, some unanswered quest to achieve and instead he decides that it’s just to forget Kate and ask for a do over? Does he even care that the woman he professed to love, and who he lied for to get her off her murder charges, will end up back in prison probably for the rest of her life? Or is he just a hurt little boy who’s pissed at his lover for dumping his drunken, drugged out ass so he’s keen for a little payback. I mean I thought Jack was on the John Locke bandwagon and blowing up the Island with a nuke really doesn’t seem like the thing John Locke would do. At least John wouldn’t blow up a nuke unless he actually thought it would save the Island. For all Jack knows the bomb will destroy the Island and kill all the inhabitants but as long as it prevents his plane from crashing and the pain of his lost love he’s ok with it.

Theme 2: The Others are all A holes.

So many Others are g d gun happy sobs. Is the Island populated with NRA members? They’re just itching to shoot the first person they see, kick them in the face and go and look for Jacob’s blessing. Seriously, Jacob doesn’t seem to set a very good example. He consistently brings people to the Island but doesn’t seem to care that his followers are murderous bastards who love to kill the poor slobs Jacob has just dumped on the Island. And of course Jacob can’t let them leave the Island once they do arrive.

Theme 3: Eloise is crazy!

How does she justify helping a bunch of crazy time traveling yahoos insane plan to detonate an H bomb? Ok maybe she is convinced that Faraday is her son, and boo hoo she just shot him. But how sentimental is she? Later she has no problem destroying her son’s life and sending him back to his doom. But at this point in her pregnancy is she so wacked out by hormones that she’s willing to help destroy the Island just so she can escape her guilt??? And does she really think this will save her son? Couldn’t she just let him play the darn piano. If she really felt the Island was so important, why doesn’t she just accept her son’s death on move on with killing Jack and Kate? As much as I really loved the Incident I find that the motivation of Eloise is a little weak. I mean she eventually screws with her son and eventually sends him back to his own death at her hands...Why didn't she just give him a note with the Swan's location and the bright idea to kill Radzinsky and those DI boozos about to drill into the Swan pocket??? And why was Faraday even waving a gun around in the first place? I don’t think he wanted to get killed. He seemed to think that he could convince his mom to help him with the bomb? Why didn't he just get her help attacking the DI who were clearly breaking the treaty by building the Swan?

Theme 4: It sure is great to have a homicidal maniac like Sayid on your side.

Especially with all the gun happy Others just looking to shoot our Losties.

Theme 5: How the hell did they ever move a 14 foot long, 20 ton H Bomb in the first place????

Theme 6: Can’t Richard think of a better way to protect their pregnant leader than to crush her skull with a pistol? Maybe he could have pulled a Jacob intervention when Eloise first broached the idea of blowing up an H bomb?

Hold on just a second there babbalou, Jacob will do the thinning around here and I don’t think he thinks it’s a good idea to blow up no bomb.

Theme 7: Ok the Dharma Initiative is at defcon 5 and they’re even giving rifles to the drunk janitors.

Theme 8: is Juliet really going back to save the DI and the Others or is she just pissed off Kate is on the sub with them?

Theme 9: I still think Bernard and Rose sold their souls to the others and the DI to rent their little island bungalow.

And seriously are they taking some of Oldham’s jungle juice. “I don’t care if Jack has a bomb. All I want to do is live with Rose till the blast from the H bomb rips our flesh from our bones.”

Theme 10: Jack does all the right things for all the wrong reasons!

The pow wow with Jim clearly shows his motivation is all about forgetting about Kate.

Theme 11: Are all the pregnant women on the island crazy!!!

Juliet wants to save everyone then she wants to leave the Island, then she wants to stop Jack, then she wants to help Jack!!!! Ach!!!!\

Theme 12: Did what ever happen actually happen? Or did Jacob pull a fast one and send the Losties back to change the future from the past?

Seriously, Jacob went through a lot of effort to get the Losties on 815 to the Island and lo and behold they just happen to go back in time to save the Island from being destroyed by the Dharma Initiative's drilling at the future Swan site. And how do they save the Island? By detonating a nuke. I think Jacob did change history. I think everything else was smoke and mirrors to prevent Faraday, Eloise and the Losties themselves from realizing they could have changed history any way they wanted. There is no course correction, there is only an anal retentive, overbearing control freak called Jacob. He was determined to have things turn out one way...his way. It's his game now and he's making up the rules. Except the rules are just a smokescreen to get you to act the way he wants. He's an even worse manipulator than Ben, the true child of the Island and Jacob. I think Jacob gets what he deserves when Ben stabs him in the back.

Enjoyment Factor:

Well I have lots of negative things to say but I still really loved the episode. The final scene at the drill site is very intense and Jim and Juliet’s final moments were heart breaking. Then the anti-climax of the bomb NOT going off and then Juliet’s desperate struggle to explode it. Amazing. Flash to Lost.

Photgraphic Review:

finally off this rock

Jim is happy to be with Juliet
Juliet is happy to finally be with Jim
uh oh
son of a bitch!
Hey how's it going? Are you happy to see me? Hope I'm not interrupting but instead of living happily ever after do you mind heading back to the Island and help me stop Jack from blowing up the Island and killing all those people who were just trying to kill us.

Oh vey, I can't catch a break
Ok Kate, stop staring at me, go and look at someone else....oh wait.

I saw you look at her!

I said stop looking at her. Why don't you look at me. I have boobies too.
Yes, you do girl! How about you and me go for a submarine ride and explore what's below?
This sub's not big enough for the four of us, I mean three of us, I mean get Kate off this sub NOW!
Yup that sure is big. How'd you get it in hear anyway, I mean it is 20 tons?

"Don't shoot! I have a nuclear bomb and I want to set it off and kill you all and if you shoot me, you might set if off and it will kill you all! Wait! Wait! I'm not expressing myself well. English is not my first language.

Perhaps I could have phrased that a little different.

Hurley to the rescue
We're just happy to have each other and easy access to Oldham's jungle juice
Bernard knows Juliet is pregers

Road Block - you ain't resetting this or any other universe Jack!

I had her now I lost her now I just wanna forget it all, so I thought I'd just blow up the Island, I mean what else can I do? 
moron, shes right over there, go talk to her, I mean you are a frickin doctor, how hard can it be to pick up chicks?
I had a life here!

Come on don't you just hate the humidity! And that Dharma hair gel just doesn't get the job done.

What the hell are you doing?
I changed my mind, (again) when you looked at Kate! So know I'm mad and want to make it so we never met, you know so then I'd never have to face losing you.
I don't care who I looked at. I am with you!
Oh well, that sub has sailed so I guess we're helping Jack with his bomb.

See you in LA
SOB. Should have sent him to the Hydra to clean up Polar Bear Poop when I had the chance.

Are you with me?

I'll follow you anywhere Jack. Course I guess that means I really love you so maybe we don't have to do the whole "blow up the Island thing? What do you think? Jack? Jack? Where'd you go?
Oh well, the ball's already rolling. Rescue party!
Do your business doc, while I have one more intimate hug with my friend Phil here.
This is my destiny! To forget all about Kate, the woman I love and who loves me and is willing to risk her life to help me blow up the Island. You know John Locke made that whole understanding the Island thing way more complicated than it is. And I didn't even have to take drugs and go into a sweat lodge. Easy peasy, shoot a few Dharma folk and drop one little bomb and that's all she wrote.

This don't look like LAX!
On second thought this dude does look like he's just had one to many cinnabuns.

Hungry, Hungry Island finds a new game piece.

Nuke you Kate!

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