Monday, June 14, 2010

The End - a photographic review -- Part 2: James meets F-Locke at the well where they both come up Desmondless; but F-Locke tracks Desmond to our old friends Rose and Bernie and a quick threat directs Desmond where he to wants to go, oh and Richard is alive and still determined to blow something up!

We return back to find F-Locke winding up more rope, but Ben seems to have wandered off.
And he gets the jump on James who has snuck up a little to close to the well and he's not packing a gun.
And F-Locke is just over joyed to see his ole buddy James.
James is very open about why he came "heard Desmond fell in a well, thought I'd help him out. But it looks like somebody beat us both to the punch, oh well."
F-Locke doesn't get the pun. And asks if James knows why he's here. James is right on top of things, "I'm guessing you need Desmond to destroy the Island." F-Locke
F-Locke: "That's exactly right"
Ben is a little surprised and shocked. F-Locke's promise to set him up as chief of the Island doesn't quite sound like such a good idea anymore.
But James says "So what then Smokie, you going down with the ship. Suicide doesn't seem like your style." 

But F-Locke doesn't plan on being on the Island although he is tickled pink that James and all of Jacob's other candidates will be going to Davy Jones' locker. But what's this James says he's not a candidate anymore.
And while F-Locke is surprised and Ben's still puzzled over the Island's imminent destruction. James acts fast to relieve Ben of his carbine.

F-Locke just sort of takes in the situation and James promises to stop back later to sit a spell. "I'll be seeing you".
And while F-Locke silently ponders James' audacity, Ben wimpers through his blood soaked teeth "Aren't you going to stop him?"
I don't have to.
And proceeds to address Ben's surprise at his deal to rule over a undersea Island. Who does he think he is Aquaman? But F-Locke says he's welcome to join him on his boat. Oh how heavenly, a quite boat ride through the Pacific with a homicidal maniac. Maybe Ben can be the cruise activities director.
And then F-Locke will finally be free of this damned dirty rock and he'll send it straight to hell.
Oh but wait, what's this? Droid droppings? No, it looks like a dog's been here.
And sure enough we are taken to a different part of the Island where man's best friend is giving Desmond a little early morning wake up call. Yes, its Vincent to the rescue.
Desmond awakes to find himself in Rose and Bernard's camp. How did we forget about them! They were on the Island in 1977 and all the Losties seemed to jump to 2007 when Juliet detonated the bomb. Guess Bernie was keeping it on the down low.
Desmond is grateful to be here, its certainly better than the bottom of a well, although he'll have to get up to get a fresh drink of water or take a leak. Oh well.
Hippie Bernard takes that as a compliment and goes off to find him some breakfast kippers.
Rose brings him some coffee but lays down the law.
Bernie and Rose are strictly retired and don't get involved in drama anymore.
They broke their rules when they helped him but after breakfast he needs to get packing.
They are in a strictly no drama-zone (guess they are a bit pissed about not getting any Emmy nominations in the last 6 years!)
Desmond understands (It's been awhile since his nomination for season 2, has no one seen the Constant?!? Remember that episode in season 4, one of the most awesome episodes of Lost ever?).
And Rose is surprised to see Bernard back so soon, guess all that late nite excitement gave her a big appetite.
But her smile slips off her face pretty quickly when she sees who Bernard has invited back to camp.
Yes it's definitely trouble, lucky for Desmond there's no well around.
Because big bad John is back!
And he looks meaner than a junkyard dog!

Locke has them all under his knife.

Bernard's got a bad feeling about this.
But F-Locke is making this so simple even a Scotsman can understand it.
Come with me or I kill them both right here, right now, and I'll make it hurt.
But Desmond isn't cowed.
But he agrees, IF F-Locke will swear to never touch them.
F-Locke agrees (guess Desmond doesn't know he's going to be used to sink the Island).
And F-Locke emphasizes that Desmond will do what F-Locke wants. "Yes, you will". Very ominous. A very Darth Vader moment.
We switch to see F-Locke, Desmond and Ben walking past the very tree that Kate took refuge from the Monster in the Pilot after they visited the cockpit.
Desmond is just as cocky and self assured as he was right before he got tossed down a well.
When F-Locke just can't stand his smug attitude anymore he asks Desmond if he has any idea where he's taking him, cause F-Locke thinks its to Desmond's death. But Desmond has seen the light and knows that they are headed to it. F-Locke can't quite understand this.
When F-Locke is distracted by a strange noise.
Ben doesn't hear any noise.
F-Locke's suspicion is aroused but he's got bigger fish to fry and nobody is going to stop him. Desmond just takes it all in.
While Ben just about pees his pants and quickly turns off the walkie.
And we switch to see who was trying to call. It was Miles.

He can't get Ben to answer.
He's found Richard, who still has a one track mind about blowing up the Ajira plane.
Even though he seems a little worse for wear from his encounter of a smack down kind with Smokie, he's determined to finish what he's started.
And while I am just as determined to finish this post, I need to take a break, so check back later and we will flash sideways to find a different Miles arriving early for a party.

stay tuned

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  1. Great caps of Desmond, thanks! :)

  2. I second the praise for the Des caps. Awesome. Btw, Desmond's close personal friend, Ian Cusick, was nominated for an Emmy in 2006 (Season 2) in the Outstanding Guest Actor In A Drama Series category!

  3. thanks Jenthegypsy and Kwag58 for your comments. Sorry for that error regarding Mr. Cusick's acalades. I will make amends and correct it shortly.