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The End - a photographic review -- Part 5: Dr Juliet Calrson unveiled as Jack's ex, while Jack, Desmond & F-Locke come to the Heart of the Island and balance on the precipice of doom-but for whom?

Well it turns out my photo editing skills rank right up there with my lost theories. Good thing I'm mr badd from badd lost theories. I JUST discovered that you can move frame to frame in iTUnes using the right and left arrow keys?!?!?!? doh!!?!?!?? And I was so proud of capturing the muzzell flash from F-Locke's shooting of Widemore's henchmen and Kate blasting away at MiB. Well live and learn. Hope you enjoy the lastest batch.

When we last left our heroes on the Island. Jack and the gang had run into F-Locke with Ben and Desmond in tow. Jack was faced off against MiB and we discovered that while both Jack and MiB/F-Locke have the same purpose. To take Desmond to the Heart of the Island, Jack revealed that he plans on killing MiB/F-Locke but that he's keeping the 'how' a surprise.

We return to the flash sideways as Dr. Jack notices a hot blonde doctor.
He unleashes the ole Jack charm.
Doh! It's the ex-wife. Doctor Juliet Carlson.
Don't let those stunning baby blues get you all wierd now Jacky boy. Stand tall, it really wasn't meant to be. There is definitely another girl for you out there.
And it's min-Jack to the rescue. Jack and Juliet's son David shows up.

David's very interested in the concernt tickets. He's heard it's a great place to pick up chicks. Oh and why don't we take Aunti Claire, you know the hot Australian pregnant woman who's living in our apartment.
So, Jack how did you manage to keep your sister Claire a secret all those years of our marriage?
She was in Australia, it was easy. Not nearly as hard as keeping all those nieces of mine from Reno under wraps.

Juliet: Come along David.
David: Wait I'd like to know more about my long lost cousins.

A chance meeting, but they're not in a coffee shop...It's not meant to be...yet!
A missed opportunity for James.
Detective Ford flashes the nurse who directs him to take it down the corridor to the sexy Korean lady's room.
We flash back to the Island to find MiB/F-Locke leading our Losties to their doom...Or MiB's doom...Or the Island's doom...Hell it better be somebody's doom.
James is still trying to figure out what sorta surprise Jack has in store for F-Locke.
James is definitely worried about the Doc's plan.
Jack reveals that Desmond is his surprise.
James is not sure how that's gonna work. Jack is putting his trust in Jacob. He has faith that Jacob 'must' have had a plan in bringing Desmond back to the Island.
Jack thinks Desmond is a weapon, and that he is the key to killing F-Locke.
James thinks that Jack is trying to pull off a hell of a long con.
I hope for all our sakes Jacob had a plan, cause Jack is determined to see it through to the end.
F-Locke is on the cusp of fulfilling his destiny.
He has arrived at the path to the cave of light and it's time set 'his' plan in motion. And he draws his knife.
He's ready to make his move.
Kate senses the immenent danger and that the moment of decision is near.
F-Locke 'suggests' that only he, Jack and Desmond go on further. There's a not so subtle threat and it looks like it's F-Locke's way or no way.
Desmond has his marching orders.
And F-Locke is letting the point sink in. They must play by his rules now.
Jack looks to Demond.

Desmond considers for a moment.
He silently chooses as he sets his staff firmly down on the path to the light.
Jack nods his approval. He's in for the ride where ever it leads.
F-Locke sheathes his threat (for now).
Jack's gaze is drawn toward Kate.
And she returns his glance in silent foreboding.
Hurley calls out to Jack.
I believe in you dude!
Jack is grateful for some support as the three set out to the heart of the Island to determine all their fates.
Desmond marches on.
And F-Locke senses a storm approaching. "It's gonna be a bad one". (One doesn't need a special insight into the Island to see that one smokie!)
Desmond and Jack look ominously up to the sky.

F-Locke sees his goal, finally in his sights.
Man in Black sees the cave of lights for the 3rd time, while Jack and Desmond first lay eyes on the Heart of the Island.
They have arrived and Desmond is happily anticipating getting back to Penny in the sideways reality, while F-Locke can taste his final revenge. Let's get started.
The symbols of the 2 streams leading to the cave is a fitting metaphor for the 2 purposes that Jack and F-Locke hope to accomplish with Desmond and the Cave of Lights.
Desmond is bound by ropes for his decent. The threads of fate are binding them all tightly as they approach the end of their goals.
Desmond is cheerful as he prepares. He believes he is going to a better place.
But Desmond tries to convince Jack that this doesn't matter.
F-Locke trying to destroy the Island and Jack trying to destory F-Locke. It all doesn't really matter in the end.
Desmond thinks their conflict is pointless.
He tries to share his vision of another world with Jack.
Jack listens but doesn't understand.
Jack is going to lower desmond into the light.
And then Desmond is going to go to a different place.
Where they can be with the ones they love.
And they won't ever have to worry about this damned Island ever again!
And do you know the best part Jack?
You're there to!
Jack doesn't look like he believes in escaping the Island, whether it's to LAX or an alternative reality. He's grounded in the Island.
But Desmond is relentless. I sat next to you on Oceanic 815!
It never crashed!

Jack's not buying it though. He believed Faraday once.
We spoke to each other. And you seemed happy.
Maybe there's a way I can bring you there too, brother.
But Jack's tried to change time to alter their destinies. And he believes Juliet died for nothing. He no longer believes in do overs. They are living their destiny, and his is now.
What happened, happened. And what happens NOW really matters. Trust me.
Desmond takes in Jack's dogged determinism.
And Jack is determined. He ends their discussion with a whip of the rope. It's time.
F-Locke is as excited as a school boy. "Shall we?"
Desmond and Jack are worried at F-Locke's enthusiasm. Somebody must be wrong. And the stakes are very high.
F-Locke knows he is pushing Jack's buttons with his enthusiasim for destroying the Island and all his friends.
Well F-Locke may be the Man in Black and an indestructible Smoke Monster, but at least Jack can splash him. Looks like you pissed your pants smokie! Seems like Jack really likes to whip that thing.
Well it's time to go.
Desmond enters the cave.

Slowly toward his goal.

And the light grows as he nears his goal.
Until he is at the precipice.
The decent down the tunnel into the heart of the Island looks disturbingly like peering down the throat of a dragon.
But to F-Locke it's the most beautiful sight he's every seen and one that he's longed for. Indeed for more than 2,000 years he sought to find and extinguish that light. Once he might have been it's guardian. But the deadly conflict with his brother and his violence toward their "Island Mother" led to his transfiguration into a smokie indestructable monster, trapped forever in his pain and hatred on this damned Island.
He can't wait for what comes next!
And Desmond to, is anxious to go into the light. What lies beyond? Who will be right? Jack and F-Locke hope Desmond will destroy the other while Desmond only longs for an escape beyond this world.
Well that's enough for this post.
Hope you fans of Desmond liked it.
The finale seems to have quickly brought us to the precipice literally and emotionally.
The actions of Desmond will soon shake the very foundations of the Island and bring doom to both Jack and F-Locke.

til then
take it easy
it ain't all half badd
mr badd

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