Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The End - a photographic review -- Part 3: Sayid is spotted while Sun and Jin are reunited! Oh and Dr. Juliet makes an appearance.

Well it's party time and Sayid is rolling up in style in Hurley's Hummer. I think Sayid could use a little primping before the party. Better make a hair gel run.

But it looks like he's crashing and Miles has Detective James checking on the guest list in the county lockup.

James is kicking back to Hulu rewatching Little House on the Prairie.
Miles really needs to spring for a better haircut or at least a brush. To bad he didn't ask Sayid to bring back some extra hair gel, maybe then he could go Goth and toss in a few piercings? I wonder if Miles can read dead people in the flash sideways (of course if everybody in the flash sideways is dead, does that mean he can always sense the last thing they are thinking?)
Hello, no there's no I.P. Freely here, I've already checked 3 times already!
James promises to protect Sun Paik who is just beginning to awaken in more ways than one.
Sun finds a smiling and loving Jin at her side.
Yes, while you were out you got cast on the Amazing Race.
And the best news is that your mom and dad also are contestants!
We'll no after we win the race you won't have to keep running, we can actually move to Hawaii. I'm going to be a Hawaii 5 Oh police officer! It will be awesome! If your dad shows up we'll get Danno to bust him good!
Hello, I was wondering if you were interested in fighting the alien horde threatening to destroy our planet? Oh you don't speak english, darn, I get that alot.
Well, let's check on your baby just to make sure she's not part lizard.
No I don't want to see your new tatoo of a polar bear on your tummy! Leave the bandage on.
This might feel a little wierd. What...that's what he said.
Wooh! flash back to another reality where I have lube on my tummy and what appears to be a Dharma brand vibrator. Guess I shouldn't used so much of John Locke's patented hair gel/vision quest paste.

Damit Sun, I'm a fertility specialist not Dr. Ruth, and yes there is a difference
Happy times on the Island watching Lost out takes! Here's the part where Ben got beat up again.
Wow I'm slipping into another dimension?!?
Do they have universal health care here? No! I wanna go back to the Island, they have the Dharma HMO Plan.
Sun remembers!!!
She's definitely on to something.

I definitely left the water running on the Island!
Yes Ms. Paik that's your baby and she's not a lizard.
That hospital coffee is giving me a rush.
Is this a flash back or a flash forward to Hawaii 5-oh?
Wow, hot chick checking me out!
Woops that's my wife.

Yes, that's the shirt I want to wear to the golf tournament this afternoon.
Loving memories. No pun there.
Sun and Jin found true love with each other on the Island.
Feeling his young daughter stirring.
But Jin never got to hold his daughter.

But in this sideways reality things will be different!
Remembering painful seperation.
And the agony of reliving Jin's heart breaking 'death'.

We have to go back!
And finally re-united after 3 years apart!

But for so brief a time, but they were not to be parted again, in this world.
Together, always.
The memories are overwhelming
And they ARE together again.
And they both remember.
Do you want to know if your baby is a boy or a girl?

It appears Sun and Jin already know.

It's a girl and her name is Ji Jeon.

Wow your' english is great, you definitely should audition for more english speaking roles.

I got the Hawaii 5-oh gig already! I get to stay in Hawaii!!!!
Sun and Jin are happy and together at last...and eternally.
That was a very tearful rememberance and reunion of their past love and loss and final comming together again.

More Lost Finale pictorials to come...stay tuned.

mr badd

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