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The End - a photographic review -- Part 4: Jack treks to a final showdown with F-Locke; John Locke eagerly awaits his surgery, Richard wants to live and Chesty Lapedius is saved-lets fly the hell off this damned island!

The Race is On! And it looks like "pride of the backstreet" is taking the lead.
Fleet of foot and flowing of hair.
And just a hint of the chest.
James is beating down on his fellow losties.
James bursts out of the jungle and Big Foot is skittish.
Jack is more stolid.
James confirms that Jack was right about F-Locke wanting Desmond as a weapon to use against the Island.
But though James came up short, so did F-Locke. And now we have a chance to find Desmond.
But Jack's not interested. It seems Jack thinks they are all going to the same place. And it doesn't matter if Desmond is with them or with F-Locke when they get to where they are going.
James is at a loss for words.
Does Jack remember that F-Locke is intent on killing them all. Doesn't he have a plan?
It seems his plan is to meet up with the very entity determined to deliver them their doom.
Kate is quite concerned.
And James can't quite believe what he's hearing. Jack is set on a most dangerous course and is attempting to find his way entirely on faith and James, Kate and Hurley are along for the ride. A few cunning plans or devious devices would help put James' mind at ease. But they seem to be following a course mysteriously set by Jacob and being divined by Jack.
So they are off to the heart of the Island. (And the Island "Hawaii" is beautiful)
Our Losties are following their leader who is intent to run head long into a indestructible murderous monster. Jacob hoped they could find a way to kill him, cause he will certainly try to kill them.

We flash sideways to find Jack searching for the real John Locke. He's intent on keeping this one alive.
Good think Jack is a doctor, he's not very observant. I'm over here doc.
Well hello there Mr. Locke.
Nice shower cap. Course everyone needs to where that to keep their hair out of the surgerical area. So why are you wearing it on your head?
You look very relaxed perhaps I could give you some bedside manner.
We'll they're is nothing to worry except you know I could kill you. Slice that old dural sack right in half and just keep sawing.
Really doc, come on.
What you're still not worried?
I'm indestructible.
Quite safe from your little knife.
We'll I'll have to find some way to surprise you.
Speaking of death and surprises. Did you every find that missing dad of yours?
As a matter of fact I did find him.
We'll I hope you find some peace.
The only peace I need, I'll find when I sink my arms up to the elbow into your dural sack.
Ha, the laugh is on you doc, I don't have a dural sack. Lost it when I crashed in a plane!
Miles is pretty happy considering the menancing storm that is brewing.
What's this, look's like you've joined the club? No not the hair club for men. The graying old farts club.
Don't know if the Dharma Valenciti formula works quite the same as Grecian forumula 4. Well its got more numbers so it must be more effective.
What the heck? Now that I am no longer ageless and protected by Jacob, I've discovered I really want to live. Miles do you mind holding the C4?
No sign of the storm yet.
Richard is starting to show his age. But still not bad for 178.
Oh oh, got a floater...A dead one. Captain Nemo went down with the sub but didn't stay down.
Oh look, a live one! It's chesty! Yeah, he's alive! (And bogarting all the life preservers. I think Capt. Nemo could've used one).
He's a keeper, definitely a trophy catch. You don't see many pilot fish in these waters.
If you water that chest hair you'll have to trim it, it grows like wild flowers.
What are you doing out here anyway?
We're headed to blow up the plane!
Chesty: Why do you want to do that?
Richard: Why to keep smokie from getting off the Island!
Well if you haven't noticed, I'm a pilot, look I still have my wings and pilot suit on! I flew the chooper and I landed that 757 on that sandbox of a runway. So why don't we fly the plane off the Island and leave smokey behind!
Richard looks very disappointed at not getting to blow up anything.
Looks like Miles has a new budy and he's definitely part of the gray haired club.
Back on the Island. F-Locek, Ben and Desmond are slogging up the hill.
When they spot some old friends heading in the opposite direction. Looks like a showdown.
James and Kate are not pleased.
F-Locke thinks this will be interesting
Kate is happy to oblige with a little excitement as she borrows James' rifle.
Son of a bitch must die!
Kate looks extremely ferocious and Hurley is still pretty skittish. Poor ole bigfoot doesn't like loud noises.
She is very determined and very deadly.
Ben and Desmond have hit the grass but F-Locke is oblivious to Kate's hail of lead.

She continues to blast away.
F-Locke closes the distance to give Kate an easier shot. What with her bad shoulder and all. Very sporting of F-Locke.
James sees the futility of it and F-Locke advises Kate to save her bullets.

James and Kate are amazed at F-Locke's invulnerability.
Jack is impeterbable and fearlessly confronts F-Locke.
F-Locke seems to be in a humorous mood.
He finds Jack a little too obvious a choise by Jacob. Guess he thought Jacob more clever or devious.
Aren't you a bit obvious? Not much of a surprise here.
Jack offers a small surprise. (One of many to come--he hopes) Jack wasn't chosen, he volunteered.
F-Locke is taken aback, but doesn't see how Jack intends to stop him.
Jack offers another surprise. He has not intention of trying to stop F-Locke. But instead he decides to make faces.

Before he decides to go along with F-Locke. He wants to help him?!?
F-Locke is not the only one surprised.
Hurley is interested in finding out Jack's plan (hope he has one).
F-Locke thinks Jack is confused as to F-Locke's purpose.
Nope, Jack's got the main idea. F-Locke intends to go to the heart of the Island, the place that Jack has vowed to protect... and wants to destory it.

Jack's swagger is getting F-Locke's goat.

Jack says that F-Locke thinks he's going to destroy the Island.
What? I'm not.
Everyone is very interested in what's going down.
Ben is planless.
So what's gonna happen when we get there?
Jack, stares him down and lets him chill.
And then he let's him in on the plan. When they get there, Jack is going to kill him.
F-Locke is speechless.
And Jack's friends are likewise frozen as Jack and F-Locke are locked in battle.
F-Locke wonders how Jack intends to kill him.
Well...Jack has to think about it.
It's a surprise!

Jack gets all steely eyed!
F-Locke returns the favor.

And F-Locke blinks first. "Well, let's get started then".
Jack is determined. He's set his course and has faith.
Well that's it for this post but it looks like it my review of the finalemay end up being a decalogy of blogs. We'll no rush to finish. The end is already upon us and I will linger as long as I can.
take it easy
mr badd

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