Friday, June 25, 2010

The End - a photographic review -- Part 6: Sayid and Shannon reunited

We flash from the precipice of the cave looking down into the heart of the Island to a dirty alley behind a dive bar in the flash sideways.
Hurley is with Sayid and they are waiting for something.
Sayid is impatient and doesn't understand why he is here.
Hurley says he's not allowed to tell him, that there are rules dude. And he takes this time to tell Sayid that he needs to trust him, because he trusts Sayid.
But Sayid doesn't know what he's done to earn Hurley's trust.
Hurley tells Sayid that he thinks he's a good guy.

Hurley knows that alot of people have told Sayid that he's not a good man and that he can't let other people tell him who he is. You have to figure that out for yourself.
Sayid thinks Hurley clearly knows nothing about him.
Hurley says he knows alot about him...dude.
And we get some action in the alley.
Hurley notes that it looks like an early fight.
Sayid is dispationate.
Hurley watches him.
A girl comes to her friend's assistance.
Sayid takes notice.
And the girl takes a fall.
And Sayid springs into action and the assailant soon finds himself with his ass soundly kicked and unconscious in the gutter. Yuck!
Pretty disgustting gutter.
Sayid goes to the girl's assistance and reaches out to her.
When he touches this lovely girl, she stirs from her stunned state...

and is awakened to memories of her savior from another time, in another place, far, far away.
She remembers sharing a tender touch.
She recalls Sayid coming to her assistance when she despaired.
She remembers their tender embrace...
Kindling into passionate flame.

And she returns to the alley, she knows this man.
Sayid looks onto the beautiful face of this woman who looks knowingly into his soul.
And he to is transported to memories of a distant place and time, that surround and fill him.

And she is there with him, she has always been with him, and the reawakened memories and love fill him.
This beautiful girl in a tropical paradise, with him walking on the beach.
Sharing her laughter and joy.
And her passion.

He too remembers the flaming of their love.

And while Sayid returns also to the alley, the memories also remain and he is re-awakend to his passion and love for Shannon.

They touch and rise together.
Shannon is overjoyed to reunite with her love.
Sayid's darkness dwindles in the flame of their love.
Together again.
Boone laments that Hurley took his sweet time while he got beat down. 
Hurley says it takes as long as it takes.

Boone wonders if they should break this up and get going.
Hurley thinks they should give them some time.

Looks like Boone has gotten over his half-sister in the flash sideways and is happy at her finding her love. 
He give her the time she needs.

Hurley and Boone share the joy at reuniting their friends.
Well another posting done but we're not more than a third the way thru the finale. Well I guess it takes as long as it takes.
see ya later and take it easy

mr badd

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