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The End - a photographic review -- Part 7: Anxiety among the Losties as they await the outcome of Desmond's decent. Jack and F-Locke collide and Claire is found and lost as Richard, Miles & Chesty land on Hydra Island

We left off with the joyous reunion of Shannon and Sayid.
We return to the Island to find James, Kate, Hurley and Ben anxiously awaiting the outcome of Jack and F-Locke sending Desmond down to the heart of the Island.
We find a worried Hurley pondering the destiny that is being decided beyond the bamboo forest.
James offers Kate some water.
Just such a drink of water transformed Jack into the Island's protector. And Jack has been their protector, leader and hero since he first took leadership to save lives in the aftermath of the crash and when he stepped up as leader to find water to preserve their lives. How long ago does that memory of Kate and Jack running from the bees to the caves seem now. Happier times.
Miles calls Ben on the walkie.
Kate listens and knows that they are not alone. James hopes for some good news that he can grasp.
Ben makes contact with Miles.
Miles relays the good news that Chesty Lapedius is alive and that he and Richard and Frank have landed on Hydra Island.
Ben desperately pleads with Miles not to destroy the plane. It is clearly their only hope.
Miles says they have no intention of blowing it up and that they plan to fly the plane off the Island and they should get their asses over here pronto.
Frank notices someone approaching.
It's Claire, someone has finally come to her rescue. She won't be left behind again!
Kate grabs the walkie and asks if they found Claire.

Claire is a little disturbed at being abandoned 3 times by the Losties and once by F-Locke. She looks pissed.
Kate tries to listen to what's happening.

Her question is interupted by the sound of gunfire!

Claire's a little paranoid and thinks they've been sent by Locke to kill her.
She's shooting first and not really asking any questions.
She looks derranged and angry and so lonely and distraught.
Poor Claire.
Kate desperately wants to help her!
While Ben, the mastermind, master manipulator and master planner is a helpless bystander.
Miles is confused and Richard tries to talk sense to Claire.

Claire has reverted back to her earlier paranoia.
Richard assures her that there is hope and they mean her no harm.
Claire listens but is a broken woman.
Richard says they have a chance of getting home and they want her to come!
But Claire doesn't think she'll fit in at home. She knows the darkness that has touched her.
Richard pleads with her to take home and come with them.
But Claire is alone and has lost faith in herself. She doesn't trust herself to be a mother to Arron.
Richards words fall on deaf and degected ears.
Claire can't leave.

She's stuck in a limbo of despair. On an Island paradise she has fashioned her own private hell.
And Richard, no longer immortal, and no longer Jacob's proxy, is powerless to pursuade her.
Back on the main Island, Jack and F-Locke/MiB are ready to send Desmond down to the Island's Heart.
F-Locke is delighted that he is so close to success and he can not see any way his plan can fail. He is physically indestructible, Jacob and all his followers have been killed and the new protector of the Island and the tool of his scheme all are willing to do his bidding. He will soon have his revenge and the escape to freedome he has dreamed of for 2,000 years.
Desmond is indeed happy at the prospect of returning to a different world, a better world, a world where he feels drawn to and intuitively desires. But his knowledge is incomplete. He has 'jumped' to that reality and felt the power of destiny direct him. But he does not know why. He feels it's a world free of the pain and suffering he has endured but with all the people he has loved. And he is sure that he can awaken their past knowledge and have the best of both worlds without the pain and failures of the present.
Jack too has an intuitive faith. But he is grounded in this world and no longer believes in easy answers. He's made his bed and must follow his destiny, but he has a newly awakened faith. He follows in the footsteps of his old friend and antagonist, John Locke and has faith in the man Jacob and his plan.
It's time, and they lower Desmond to his fate and the very different destinies that they believe await his actions.
F-Locke is happy and spite filled.
He relishes the opportunity to taunt Jack. Since he has already killed Jacob, he now toys with his replacement.

He brings forth the memories of John Locke to mock and ridicule Jack.
F-Locke ask Jack if this reminds him of anything?

He tells Jack how much like old times this is. Both of them staring down a shaft to a mystery. If there was a button down there they could fight over whether to push it.
But Jack will not have his 'button' pushed so easily. He castigates F-Locke. He says he may have John's memories but that he's not John.
F-Locke feels the sting of Jack's rebute.
Jack says that he disrespects John Locke by wearing his face.
Anger flushes F-Locke's face and his smile is gone.
Jack: It turns out that John was right about just about everything. And my only regret is I didn't get to say it to him while he was alive.
F-Locke angrily disagrees with Jack.
And when this Island sinks and you sink with it, you'll know that you and he were both failures.
Jack is cool, calm and determined.
Jack: We'll just have to wait and see whose right.
And we won't have long to wait, cause Desmond has reached the bottom of the shaft. And both Jack and F-Locke peer anxiously over the edge as they await the outcome.

Our next installment will discover the outcome of Desmond's seeking the light in the Heart of the Island and will return to Widemore's party to find many coincidental or fateful meetings.
til then
take it easy
mr badd

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